July 2, 2005

from my kitchen 2005

Recipes for soft rolls and much more ..
I was looking for good a recipe for ' soft rolls' , so.. I gave Google Images this name...
canadian pastry chefs guild ! Lot of recipes : אתר מעניין
- Chocolates and Candies ...
- Yeast Goods ...
- Pies and Tarts ...
- Cookies ...
-Soft Dinner Rolls(+COOKING CLIP) / Soft White Rolls [Nicebites Recipes]Butter-Dipped Dinner Rolls - by Rose Levy Beranbaum
Breakfast .
* This is a natural starter. -sourdough starter סטרטר-מחמצת

This Shelf was Grandmother's ,many years ago,
On the upper shelf she put ice cream bowls, a yellow,a pink one..
My Mom always says" when you have a book like this one, you don't need anymore cookbooks.." but don't tell her, I keep buying (she knows.. :-) )

 למעלה: רן מבשל לנו צהריים.. הבווריה של בריגי.. ועוגת גבינה וקארד לימון ועוגת בוטנים ושמנת שאמא הכינה

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Rabbit Sim said...

Fantastic find, Chanit!

chanit said...

Hi again ,and Thanks ! :-)
If you'll bake something new from this link, please tell me, OK?
Later I'll read everything on that site ! :-)

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