July 4, 2005

Mom, This is for you !

Mom For You לאמא באהבה
That was GOOOOOD !!
We eat it last week together with Mom and Dad.
It's cooked Salmon, only like mom can cook :-)
Thanks Mom.
זה היה טעים = that was fine
And Dad's Salad,just add salt and olive oil :-)
Today I found somewhere on the Net a recipe,
calling to use some Schmand.
It sounds familiar to me ,maybe i saw this name ,
years ago in an old german cooking Magazine?
I wasn't sure, So, Mom knows german well,and I asked her:
"Mom What is Schmand? =
"?מה זה השמנד הזה "
So... we looked together on the net and we have found that schmand is an old german word to.. SOUR CREAM !
Here is a picture of
Schmand ,and a nice cake with Schmand
שמנת חמוצהSO...It's sour cream... with 20% fat, good with every food :-)


fethiye said...

hey chanit,

this salmon looks very interesting. how does your mom cook it? Is it just tomatoes, garlic and oil? :)

chanit said...

Fethiye, Good to see you, here

I'll ask here soon,and give you the 'recipe'.
She cooks very healthy food for years,taking care of Dad and herself :-)

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