September 22, 2005

I Love Mazzetti...And Hot Peppers..

Mazzetti is a restaurant in Tel Aviv,I visited there few weeks ago, but I can't forget the TASTES..
so.. some dishes came and visit me , at home...

recipes: In Hebrew
Something New To Read Today..
You can read about 'Silicone Peaks and Valleys':
silicone bakeware
I love the yankeemagazine-
Rezepte, Kochbücher & Kulinarisches...
recipes and more,from germany
Jan's Blog
very nice ,Another one from Germany, schnuppensuppe
USA-Rezepte zum Download =Usa recipes to Dowload..
Torta di pesche !!! Looks great.I'll try it SOON
with peaches.

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  • These Cooking Booklets and More...
    The new friend in my garden...
    My Lovely Portulaca !

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