October 9, 2005

Food Links,Droste, Cute Babies..and More

Years ago, I've recived maxpatch's newsletters,today,looking for another thing I found an old E-mail,full with Links.. also Recipes & Cooking Resources ,Please take a look at Them here-
Great Links,I hope no one is Broken :-)

Have you read about the International World of Food Blogs maybe next time... I'll be In :-)
Are These Babies Cute? Are They made of Marzipan or Fimo ?
I realy don't know...But many Israeli forums here, gave Those pictures..this week
Cute Babies and more Babies

low-fat? ,Gratin Dauphinois recipe ,looks good ! Six Drinks That Changed History "The World in a Glass" and The Skinny Epicurean - I don't know how I didn't found this nice Blog before . APPLE PECAN QUICK BREAD -hope to bake it soon,myhouseandgarden looks very nice too.I love Hungarian Goulash and Linzertorte ,here are deserts recipes... How To Start a Food Blog many Tips are there ! I found many,many of emerils Recipes, here- huge Database ! you can Search for a recipe by keyword or by recipe name/ ingredient ...! Do you like eating soups like me?.. So, the joy of soup is for you ! A nice Food Blog from India , It's name is thecookscottage, come on and take a look ---> :-)

Look what I've found Today ! [we didn't eat them yet :-) ]
More to read: Which are 'the no-fry' fries?...are they


jeanne said...

Great site! I "discovered" you and will add you to the International World of Food Blogs on my blog---on the next update (coming soon!)


chanit said...

Hi jeanne and Welcome !

Thank you very much :-)

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