February 18, 2006

Me, age 5 1/2 and new links 2006 **

Me, age 5 1/2..

* Recipes - egullet.org - Here
* The Foodtv.ca -
new recipes +A nice Granola Bars recipe
* Austria celebrates Mozart in chocolate / February 21, 2006- Veronika Oleksyn, The Associated Press* Sweet Potato Wedgies - Here
Me, years ago...
* Creating Your Starter - Here
* How products are made -
*Epis De Ble -
preparing to cut..
* Elio Morandi's pictures - I love
them* Healthy chocolate a dream come true?

To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream; not only plan, but also believe." /Anatole France
Me and Eran - Cooking...

* Yeast Breads Warm Home and Heart - Here
* Iranian bakeries rename Danish pastries -
* Study: Calcium, vitamin D offer limited protection-
* A picture-story for kids -
Here [click on the > For the next page ]
* gingerbread baby board game - Here [Click on each picture for the full-sized printor click on the link under the artwork for a PDF version] + maze + matching words + matching numbers + matching animals + geometric shapes
+* Your perspective on the world: 17 Feb - BBC
* Fancy Food Show: The Face of What is About to be In Your Face-
* "The Foppish Baker " -
Here, what a nice Blog !!
* Mixing it up with a Mexican breakfast -
* Normandy chicken-
Here + wallpaper +France by region and more !
* "cooking with anne" ..Mommy to 6 cooking ang baking-
Here* 'Chocolate lounges' beginning to take hold- Here
* Nosh and Hamentash...-


Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Those photos of you are very cute!

chanit said...

Thank you , rosa !! ;-)

ilva said...

I like your photos, you started early with the cooking!!

chanit said...

Thank you ilva-lucullian !
Maybe that was the first moment..but I always liked somebody else cooking for me..Too .. ;-)

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