March 26, 2006

Left - Refal's delicatessen ,then - Sasa's sweets ,Eyal's cookies
Levinsky Market - Tel Aviv Map [English]+ Here [Hebrew]
Tel Aviv , Levinsky Street (42) Sasa's sweets
Tel Aviv , Levinsky Street (38) /Eyal's cookies /Tel Aviv , Levinsky Street (36)/Haim Refal's delicatessen
3 Levinsky pictures by Nitsi -
walla Food Forum 27.3.06
Spring ...

"Complaining is good for you as long as you're not complaining to the person you're complaining about." /Lynn Johnston
Great Blogs to visit : I love them !* "nordljus" - Here
* "the pastry department " - Here
* "Life is like a Grapefruit " - Here
* "cookbook411" - Here
* "hungry in hogtown" - Here
Recipes:Cafe Flora recipe: Salad of Grilled Portobello Carpaccio with Arugula
The Bounty of Rome - Here
Chicken/spinach dish wins Bake-Off - Here
Live Solar eclipse 2006 - Israel 29.3.2006 - Here + Here

Elections 2006 - Israel decides Today

Love on The Rocks neil diamond and gilbert becaud
Love on the rocks
Ain’t no surprise
Pour me a drink
And I’ll tell you some lies
Got nothing to lose
So you just sing the blues all the time
Gave you my heart
Gave you my soul
You left me alone here
With nothing to hold
Yesterday’s gone
Now all I want is a smile...

Full song -
Here [yes.. I love this song :-) ]

* Bailey's Cheesecake Recipe with ricotta cheese , cream cheese ..
*She's a pretty Lady "
bread and butter" is SteviMoshogianni's Blog !
* Pesche con Ciambelline e Mascarpone -


Stevi said...

thanks for the link
:) most grateful

chanit said...

stevi :-)

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