March 21, 2006

No, this cake isn't a 'real strudel ,by writing the real one I mean the strudel dough which you stretch the dough very thin, all over a table.. Here with this quick recipe ,the dough is ready, in 5 minutes ,no longer ..( made with melted butter),you can use any kind of jam, some nuts and dried fruit,and you get 2 very long..strudel cake..
Next time I'll try the apple filling(4 apples, grated ,4 TB cookie crumbs ,4 TB sugar,1 ts cinnamon and 2 TB raisins)Don't forget to cut the cake while still warm (not hot)
"Strudel" - the easy way/Osem Booklet No.5 שטרודל אוסם טעיםDough
350 gr AP flour
11 gr baking powder
100 gr butter, melted
2 TB sugar
1 egg ,beaten
1/2 cup (less 1 TB) water
Filling (for 2 strudels)
4 TB jam
4 TB cookie crumbs (or ground nuts)
4 TB raisins
4 TB dates ,finely chopped
4 TB nuts , finely chopped

Preheat the oven to 375F
In a large bowl mix:flour,baking powder and sugar.
Make a hole in the center, add: melted butter (warm)and the beaten egg),gradually add the water, knead fot 1-2 minutes until you get the dough. divide the dough in 2 balls.
Roll each one ,to a rectangle 40cm X 24cm.
Spread jam, sprinkle all filling ingredients (don't mix them before)just, sprinkle nuts, then raisins and so ..
Roll the dough from the long side. mark som cuts, not deep, every 1 in (or every 2-3 cm)
Bake in preheated oven 20-25 minutes, until golden brown
Cut the cake while still warm (not hot)
Just tell me please... was this recipe easy? .. :-)

[Above pic is not mine]
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