April 21, 2006

I've never cooked stuffed vegetables before, neither Ran ..
The last passover vacation and the near market gave ran's creative mind appetite.. to cook this dish for today's family meeting.
I watched him, standing in the kitchen, washing fresh vegetables, cutting them, cooking the rice filling.. without any written recipe, only that one, in his brilliant brain..
Even my sister says it takes hours to prepare a dish like this..
It was a great improvisation and of course ,everyone enjoyed every bite , there are some leftovers for next meal ; I hope these Step-by-Step pictures , can help everyone, to make his own stuffed vegetables, even today :-)

Mom is cooking for us


burekaboy said...

everything is p e r f e c t, pictures AND food and colours. i want some now! t'gidi l'ran. ;-p

i love mahshi, did he make zucchini also?

chanit said...

Hi !!
Yes Ran cooked zucchini too, I'm sorry but :NOTHING WAS LEFT :-), so next time..

Anonymous said...

Hello! The stuffed vegetables look beautiful and delicious. I wish you would tell us how to make them, even without measurements. How is the sauce made? I would love to make this dish!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Ran, Would you please tell me how you made the sauce for these stuffed vegetables? Also, what all is in the stuffing? I don't need measurements, but, would LOVE to prepare this delicious looking meal! My email is theslaveofyuda@yahoo.com
I appreciate your help! Does anyone know how to prepare this? THANK YOU SO MUCH!!

chanit said...

Dear anonymous,
Sorry for my late comment,
Thanks for your comment, I have to ask Ran about the 'recipe' (as I wrote there is no written recipe), and soon I'll write it here, in my Blog, can you wait with this please?.. thanks :-)

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