May 30, 2006

Michal a. from Ynet food forum makes nice flowers ..for her family, she bakes wonderful thing too , Rustic is Betul's Blog, I love it, come and visit her to know why.. ! , Fingerfood zum Kaffee, from Germany - Here , Bread recette - Here
I want to add an Index to my Blog + tags to every post, but I have to learn how.. maybe later..

Isn't she/He.. pretty ?
Summer is coming...


Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

She sure is very pretty!

chanit said...

Thank you rosa :-)
It was funny..Somebody told me today that she is HE .. and he eats only fresh gourmet food, not just milk and sour cream..
He is cleaning himself every morning, and everyone is touching his soft fur..

* My mom is reading your Blog too ;)

Betul said...

Hi, Chanit. Thank you for the compliments. I was lurking on your site too, because of the wonderful recipes...
Can I ask you something? Why did you prefer to link to the archive? Are they your favourite?

chanit said...

Hi betul and welcome !
yes, you can ask whatever you want, I can't forget the 'Ay Coregi ' pictures and recipe, WONDERFUL, not less than that.This one +others were on that link..
Please let me know, if you want me to add another link or change this one.
Thank you for visiting me ;)

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