June 26, 2006

Baked Apricot Cake.. עוגת מישמש במקום שזיפים

This cake is good... הרעיון הטעים שלנו אומץ על ידי אחד הפורומים בפרדס,טעים

Apricot Cake - before... like this one (recipe is in) עוגת מישמש

I'll always remember Heda, Heda was my mom's best friend.It's many years now she's not with us anymore. she was a gentle woman, growing up 2 sons , living in the same 'village' I was born.. in the same street.. as far as I can remember she was talking with her husband Hungarian maybe more then Hebrew, or Hebrew with that accent . And Yes ,she was a great baker.When I was 10 or 12.. she gave me my first cookie cutter (left in this pic.).. Today I want to bake Heda's meringue snail cookies..(left:the Hebrew recipe) OK, i'm back..something gut wrong with my cookies , I mean the dough was fine , but when I came to make the meringue with cocoa....oh , don't ask :-( , It was watery .. and I couldn't spread it well.. so.. in Hebrew you call a thing like this a 'fashlaa' פאשלה ..It means you did something wrong, and you sholud not, and everyone knows you did.. or you tell everybody or you don't.. so I use chocolate spread and cheese..I'm ashamed.. I can't send any good photo as I wanted to, and yes I know the above pic looks bad :-( .But the dough is very good, so I'm writing it here:
Mix: 350 gr AP flour + 10 gr baking powder, add 2 TB sugar + 3 egg yolks+200 gr soft butter+200 gr sour cream or yogurt, add more flour as needed to make a soft dough, chill for 1 hour .Then divide to 4, roll each one, spread with meringue [=3 egg whites+1 cup sugar+2 Tb cocoa+1 TB self raising flour], cut and bake in 350F (=180C), until done (20 minutes +- )I hope next time I'll post a nice photo of these snail cookies..Heda's cookies :-) אין להפיץ את המתכון בעברית או את התמונה שלו ללא רשות בכתב.תודה

Spiral Sweet Challah [glazed with honey] חלה מתוקה

חלת דבש
Dough: 3 1/2 cups bread flour,1/4 ts salt, 1 package active dry yeast (=2 ts), 2 TB sugar,1 cup milk,2 TB oil, 2 TB honey, 1 egg
-------------------------- Reading ...
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I came home today,not too late, there aren't any news (or good news) about Gilad Shalit , everyone , here in Israel hopes he'll come back home very soon. can this song bring any hope?.. you can listen , like me, now..[ynet food-forum]


Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Your challah looks delicious! As a matter of fact, today I will be baking one... I just love this delicate bread!

Regarding the Slovanian cake, no I have never baked anything like that and would probably never be patient enough!!!

chanit said...

Thank you rosa !
We use part of the challa to fry 'french toast' with honey..very nice.
Someone here, in a Israeli forum was asking about the slovanian cake... never baked this one.. maybe one day.. :-)
* I'm always very glad to see you here ;)

Noshing said...

Your apricot cake looks fabulous! As do so many of the things on your site.

Thanks for sharing with us all.

chanit said...

Thank you ! :-)

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