July 20, 2006

I realy want to thank everyone here/by mail for your warm support, I would like to answer everybody Personally- later .
On friday we were celebrating Adi's birthday (8),lot of food as you can see (and there was more..),presents ..good company - do we need more? Mom and my sister made some salads , Noa's salty pie (here with the cheese rounds on..) was wonderful ! Please let me know if you need any recipe .
Israeli food formus are less active these days, but you can find some interasting things if you want.. 'Hummoson' from Ynet-food forum (that guy who realy knows how to cook)make eveytime very tasty meals for his family [Hebrew potato recipe is Here] ,He's a kind person and I like the way he writes and he's photos too.. !
'Laleniya' (from Tapuz) brings a short allegory (Hebrew)- how you can more easly deal with the new 'situation'.. here in Israel, thanks, I know you think in a positive way and that you're a sensitive person too.
Here are more new recipes and links .. לקריאה ועיון
* Heidi Swanson's new post :Food Photography Tips /Shoot First, Eat Later- by Rob Willey
* Pain De Campagne with Beaufort Cheese by Paul Hollywood / Great Food Live
* Focaccia by Frank Bordoni /Great Food Live
* Wash additive boosts shelf life, reduces pathogens By Sean Roach/Foodnavigator
* Stuffed after the salad? Load up to lose weight/ By Karen Collins, R.D.MSNBC
* What a dish By Trine Tsouderos /Tribune staff reporter
* Missile defence unready for Middle East crisis/Paul Marks NewScientist.com news service
* There's Always Dark Chocolate (and Broccoli) Stick With the Super Foods By Ed Bruske Special to The Washington Post
* Google's unknown artist has huge following By David E. Williams CNN
* "Supernatural Brownies"/Recipe By : "Chocolate" by Nick Malgieri. 1998+ Here
* Please watch this short film :"Europe and Italy" - funny and like here in Israel !..
* 'Mirmir'/Ynet food forum bakes healthy cookies (Hebrew recipe)I'll try them soon. Please enlarge her wonderful pic.. Here is the recipe (I didn't try them yet):
Preheat the oven to 350F (180C)
Mix:3 1/2 cups oats (for cooking),1/2 cup whole wheat flour,1 cup brown sugar,10 gr baking powder,20 gr vanilla sugar,2 eggs,1/4 cup water, 100 gr butter,1/2 cup oil, 1/2 cup coconut,1/2 cup sesame seeds,1/2 cup walnuts chopped),1/2 cup almonds (Chopped)
Make small balls (with wet hands..) .Flatten Them and bake for 15-20 minutes.

Above recipe: Rich Chocolate Cake עוגת שוקולד עשירה

Above recipe: Koulouria - sesame rings טבעות שומשום מיוון- מצויין

Coming later today with new recipes, please come back ,
I want to thank everybody for asking, we're fine right now, and I'm in the kitchen for 8 hours..for Adi's party ! :-)
הערות:מאפה הפילפלים וגבינות הוכן ע"י אחותי,הוא מצויין- המתכון מבישולה ,גם סלט עגבניות השרי משם .מאפה קישואים ועגבניות של אהרוני, הפעם ללא חצילים,המתכון נמצא פה מלפני מספר חודשים,פבלובה הוכנה ע"י מירב-לא נותר פירור,עוגת השוקולד נפלאה, מתחת לקצפת :ריבת תפוז וזנגויל של סן דלפור-מומלץ
For Sweeter Days


wheresmymind said...

I think about you and my friend Mark (living in Tel Aviv) all the time.

Linda Bar said...


My thoughts & prayers are with everybody in my adopted country. Hoping this "crisis" comes to a speedy end soon.

Thank you so very much for your blogs, they are wonderful.

Please take care.

Anonymous said...

חנית!!!!! הסלט עם תפוחי האדמה, בצל ושמיר - אני רוצה אותו!!!!! יצאו לי עכשיו העיניים בגללו, סבתא שלי היתה מכינה משהו דומה - ואני לא מצליחה לשחזר... :-/
נשיקה גדולה והמון המון המון המון מזל טוב לילד

chanit said...

הי יעל
איזו הפתעה שאת פה, וכמה כייף לי,תודה
פתחי מייל, שלחתי לך את המתכון השלם מצולם של פאי תפוחי אדמה של אהרוני,מה שצילמתי פה זה המלית תפוחי אדמה,שאפשר לאכול אותה ככה,יחד עם עוד קצת בישול
חוזרת למייל.... :-)

יעל said...

אגב, אנטיספטי של קישואים תמיד הרגיש לי "סתמי" שכזה, לא יודעת על מה לשים את הנקודה. רק עכשיו שמתי לב לאנשובי ששמת - ופייר: לא העלתי בדעתי את השילוב וזה מרגיש לי "בול" - אז תודה גם על זה :-)

Linda Bar said...

Shalom Chanit,

Hoping you and your loved ones are doing "the best you can" in these very very difficult times.

Wanted to ask if it would be possible to post the recipe in English for those delicious looking "healthy cookies"?

Please take care,
Denver Co.,/Rishon-Le-Zion

chanit said...

Jeff my dear,
I really appreciate your warm comments , they realy make me feel better even today, thank you very much.
Is mark writting somewhere(on the net I mean) ?...
I was visiting you yestaerday, your Blog becomes like a chef Blog,
well done!!!
Every visit I said (to myself):
"fantastic" !
I always love what you're doing there!

chanit said...

linda shalom, and No peace yet...
I've posted the recipe in English, hope it helps , thank you ;)

יעל, תודה זה לא אנטיפסטי, זה מאפה חצילים-עגבניות-קישואים של אהרוני, טעים בדרך כלל, היה לי קצת מלוח עם אנצ'ובי, למרות שלא היו תלונות

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

This birthday food looks very appetizing, woaw!!!

Take care of yourselves and keep up with the good spirit!...

chanit said...

Thank you rosa ;)

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