August 7, 2006

- I've got these by mail -
Richard's Cookies - Here
Welcome to the bread-bakers
Recipe: Savory Fritters/ Mario Batali
Italy - Apulian Cuisine/ Traditional Recipes from the Heel of Italy's Boot
"friselle" - Yummy
Fruited Charlotte Russe-"This dessert is simple to make yet looks spectacular"
שאור-מתכונים,הוראות,לחמים ותמונות

Farina Bread למעלה - ארוחה מפנקת למיטה
Israeli Top Chefs [Hebrew]
Eilend is not a chef, but he always cooks like he is ! + here + here + here and more...
Erez Komarovsky - Israeli famous Bread Baker [Hebrew]
More Bread recipes - Here
About the Fish breeders association in israel -
Udim - Summer 2006 אודים


wheresmymind said...

That picture of the cat is way too cute!

chanit said...

Thanks Jeff,
I wasn't sure if putting those 2 pics in my Food Blog is the right thing to do. ?!
Yesterday was a painful day, here in Israel,It's nealy a month of war here, so many are suffering today and for the rest of their lives ; we're hopping this will end very soon.

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

I also love the picture with the cat; very sweet...

Courage, Chanit! Let's hope that this war ends very fastly!

avital said...

Don't worry about your pictures!! In France, i've seen few food blogs calling for help for Lebanese people.. and i think it's fair that someone even in a food blog thinks about Israelian people who also suffer from war.. thanks Chanit!

chanit said...

Thank you rosa and avital !
There were more pics.. but I think 2 are enough..
Nearly 1 million people in Israel have no normal life at all for 4 weeks now,they can't go to work or stay in their homes, they stay in shelters and need more support than they get now.
It will take 60 years or more to grow up the forests here in Israel,and our beloved children = soldiers will never come back.
It's the same terror here or in UK or in some other places .

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