September 2, 2006

Finding my very first recipe notebook was surprising and exciting today. by the way you know..organizing your home,arranging some 'hidden corners' , I'm talking to all the collectors (like us..) is a must , not everyday, but from time to time.You can find then:old bills, a piece of and old newspaper, which is very old.. your salary ,4 years old brown box with nothing inside, old love letters (and that's for another story..)and yes many many recipes.. I'm not sure, If I was 13 or 14 years old,when I started to bake , it was like a ritual ..every Friday afternoon, the kitchen must be empty, I mean 'all my family..please go out' or something like that ;) .. and I was baking my very first cakes and cookies..
Some cakes were more lucky, athers were less, I've baked than mom's recipes, family favorites, and many others from magazines and cookbooks in English or German.The first pages of this old booklet was written in a round and childish handwriting are some samples (in Hebrew)later in English ..

Above is the first recipe:Butter Cookies.. מחברת הבישול הראשונה

And Samosa -Bukharan cake and more...
"Excellent chinese animation. What would happen in a fully industrialized world?"-EGG short movie [Thanks to Anat sakili]
New recipes:
* Breads in Israel - Hebrew* Peach Lattice Cake (with whole wheat flour)
* Spiced Honey Apple Cake (with vegetable oil,orange marmalade,gingerale..)
* Yeasted Apple Rugulah (with Baker’s Syrup)
* Oatmeal Raisin Cookies


wheresmymind said...

That is avery long time to have a recipe book!

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

This old recipe book looks nice...

I'm a bit like you; I collect everything (pieces of papper, pictures, cinema tickets, etc...) and it tends to pile up in odd corners ;-)))!!!

burekaboy said...

Mashehu sh'yesh lach et sefer hamatkonim harishon shelach ad hayom [ulai leharot v'latet l'yeladim yom ehad? :-)].

glad i found ur site, Chanit. A very interesting one.

chanit said...

Thank you,I like your Hebrew English comment, you're welcome ! ;)

chanit said...

Yes rosa,
I know what you mean .. ;)

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