October 20, 2006

Friday - Market and more 2006

F r i d a y - M a r k e t

F r i d a y - M a r k e t
N e w - r e c i p e s - a n d - L i n k s :
When one door of happiness closes, another opens; but often we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one which has been opened for us." /Helen Keller
* Forget the land of milk and honey... ;)
* Dish: Get out of the dark about mushrooms /By Marlene Parrish, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
* For Muslims, strict rules of Ramadan yield to a sweet feast with family and friends /By Gretchen McKay, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
*Apple Recipe : Apple pandowdy/bakers catalogue + Treasured Apples /Southern Living + Apfelpfannkuchen - German Apple Pancake /Source: Better Homes and Gardens
* Thanks to Zorra for her great work with all 113 ! entries for the World Bread day 06 - Here [part 1 + 2 )
* Devilishly Delicious Desserts for Halloween /Martha Stewart
* Halloween Treats /Southern Living + An All-Italian Halloween Feast - Here
* Make some .. Bagels
* A Modern Mastery of Spice-With Chef Mohammad Islam of Chateau Marmont – Los Angeles, CA/Heather Sperling
* A must visit : Ellen's Blog - She is from Lace Constance
* The first day taking ..Schweden Bitter - :2 ts aday
Radish - Black and sharp [I like it fresh,in my salad]

Today's Soup - The Market Green Soup../Soups Recipes - Here
סיר גדול של מרק בריאות מורכב מבצל, גזר, שורשי פטורזיליה, תפוחי אדמה, קישואים, אפונה והמון שמיר ופטרוזיליה, קודם כל הירקות הוקפצו בשמן זית ולאחר מכן הוספתי מים רותחים ובישלתי כ 40 דקות, תובל במלח, פלפל, כמון, נאכל עם גבינת פרמזן


shlomo said...

What mouth watering pictures you submit. I can almost taste the freshness. One of the things i miss mmost from Israel, fruit and veggies with real taste

Anonymous said...

Thank you for these beautiful photos from the Friday market!
I've never been to Israel so it's very interesting for me to see that.

Consy said...

Wonderful veggies!
I translated my Five Grain Bread, so you can try it. Enjoy :)

tschoerda said...

sensational pictures! they give a lively impression of the market! yum-mie!!!

seelenruhig said...

Dear Chanit,
Surprise - surprise! What a wonderful and interesting blog you have! I will try your pitta bread and for sure I will come back to see your wonderful photos - really good for body and soul!
Greetings from Lace Constance - Ellen


wheresmymind said...

Beautiful photography!

Krithika said...

Great pics from market place ! Thank you so much for sharing these pics

petescam said...

Thank you for sharing your recipes, but even more the pictures. I especially love the IMG_8112.

chanit said...

Hi shlomo and welcome !
It's good to know, thank you.I think Israeli markets are very varied,there were more Breads,sea food, spices..
The markets here are fresh ,colorful and a bit noisy.. I'm curious how the market looks after 2 unusual winter days. :-)

chanit said...

Dolce, thank you
It was realy nice to visit the market on that friday (my free day..)the black and green(!) Radishes were new to me, and as I know ,you can buy them in 1 place only(and a free radish recipe is included ..):-)

chanit said...

Dear consy
Thank you very much for your translation ! It helps me and many others which will bake your Bread soon :-)

chanit said...

tschoerda - Thank you ! :-)

ellen, yes It is a Surprise ! Thank you :-)

chanit said...

Thanks jeff,
I'm glad.I think you're a talented photographer. :-)

Thank you !
I think we share few things :we love -gardening, markets,lot of vegetables and much more ..:-)

chanit said...

Peter thank you for your comment,I love your pics ! :-)

Anonymous said...

Shalom Chanit. What a wonderfull blog. Was surfing for a poppyssed rool - the ones you can buy at the bakery in Israel - and I just fancied one today. What a great selection of recipes - I will be back for sure... Do miss being in Israel but most of all I mis the lovely foods and pastries.... Love Karen - Denmark

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