November 20, 2006

Blog is 8 months old, but full with recipes and wonderful pics, take a cup of Cioccolata calda and visit her " Viaggi & Sapori " .. !

N e w - B l o g s I love (new to me..)
* She is Italian , she loves : photography, travelling and cooking... her

* Do you love bagels ? or a golden brown Challah ? and what about a fresh salad or a cup of soup?..If the answer is :yes, yes and yes.. come and visit Anna's Blog, she has very good recipes in her "La cuisine d'Anna" .
* Haalo from Melbourne, Australia has not 1 or 2 .. but 3 Blogs ! . where shell we start ?.. OK - here :"Cook almost anything at least once", this is a good start, do I have to say more ? .. just visit her, and Yes, her Blog is popular here, in Israel - an excellent work !
* She has an old/new home - yes It's sugar delirium.As she writes :".. Grab a flute of champagne and make yourself at home.." A home is a place where you can get an Cinnamon coffee cake or a Cocktail peanuts and much more ..
שניים עשר טיפים נגד הצטננות
עופר ורדי מפליא במטבח ההונגרי, מודה שטרם הכנתי ממטעמיו,אבל בקרוב-אאחל לו הצלחה במשכנו החדש

FoodTv - Holidays wallpapers"The truth about happiness may surprise you"/By David Martin CNN For your kids only .. Strawberry Shortcake 5 games [above pic is from Strawberry Shortcake 's 11/06 newsletter]+בצק מלח וקישור נוסף ליצירות בבצק מלח + סיפורים לילדים מפיו של סבא יוחנן


Anonymous said...

בחירה טובה

i had forgotten about this song. :) very beautifully done and says alot.

chanit said...

Thank you burekaboy !
תודה ותהנה, שמעתי מס' פעמים ונזכרתי בשנות ה -80

veuveclicquot said...

Thank you so much for featuring my blog! You're too sweet. :)

awoz said...

Thank you chanit for your comments on my blog.I come on your blog for such a long time and enjoy every visit.I specially love your cakes, bread...and everething else.
Have a nice evening...

chanit said...

Thanks to:
veuveclicquot and
you are very welcome ! :-)

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