November 30, 2006


Bagels , Bagels..and more Bagels ... yes ,I want to bake new Bagels today for Friday's party* , ! Even these cookies look SO good, I'll not bake any cookies now.. ; Let's see what I'll get from this new recipe... .It's a Peter Reinhart's recipe made with a 2 hours Starter,the full Bagels recipe is here.
18 ounces high gluten flour
1 tsp. instant yeast
20 ounces (2.5 cups) room temp water
Mix together until hydrated, then place in covered bowl and let rise until very bubbly on top, about 2 hours.
2 3/4 tsp. salt
1 tablespoon barley malt syrup
1/2 tsp. instant yeast
17 ounces high gluten flour
Mix starter, salt, syrup and yeast until blended. Add about 2/3 of flour and mix until dough forms. Add remainder of flour gradually, and knead (by machine) for about 6 minutes until smooth. Dough should be very stiff but pliable and still be able to pass a windowpane test. It shouldn't tear too easily but should be not at all tacky..
full recipe
Ok: The Bagels are good, but I think It's to much work for 12 or 18 Bagels...and I was thinking I'll bake them in the same day..the crust is very crispy the inside is soft..I'm not sure they are "the best Bagels ever"..
טעימים אבל לדעתי יותר מדי התעסקות בשביל כמות כזו ובכלל, שלבי ההתפחה, צינון לילה במקרר, בישול במי סודה ואפייה..צריך לשקול אם במקרה זה זה מצדיק את כל הפצ'קריי, אני בספק

Thanks to all my family for a wonderful day* full with love ,good food and cakes, best wishes and presents :-) כמה כייף לקבל הרבה אהבה, איחולים, תשומת לב ,אוכל הכי הכי טעים של אמא, עוגות מאוחתי הקטנה ומתנות נפלאות מכל אוהבי. תודה לכולם

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