December 10, 2006

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סטיבן הוקינג מבקר בישראל - תצלום מתוכניתו של יאיר לפיד,ערוץ 2

Stephen Hawking is now in Israel [here in a TV show]

Reading :* " This Hanukkah, a lesson from Israel: Oil's not just for latkes anymore"By Amy McConnell Schaarsmith, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette + "From Santa cookies to truffles, a tour of local bakeries" creations" By Virginia Phillips * +"Bubblegum"- the video + /iraqi jews cookbook in Hebrew ספר הבישול של משפחת גרשון-מטעמים מעירק
I love soft and wet cakes, and I like to try new recipes every time again, I hope you know all this, OK ..another thing .. from time to time I gut this desire to bake something with an unusual ingredient.. strange or not ,last week I've baked a new cake recipe, the "pink cake", and it was not bad at all.. why pink?.. did you ever use uncooked beetroots in your cake ?..

and before baking...

Beetroot and Carrot cake/The Complete Book of Home Baking by Heilie Pienaar
200 gr caster sugar
250 ml oil
3 large eggs, separated
250 gr AP flour
pinch of salt
2 ts baking powder
125 gr grated raw beetroot
125 gr grated raw carrots
4 TB milk
100 gr sugar
125 ml water
1. Beat sugar,oil and egg yolks.
2. Sift dry ingredients and beat into sugar mixture; wisk egg whites until soft peaks form and fold into sugar mixture.
3. Add beetroot,carrots and milk and mix well.spoon mixture into 24 cm loose bottomed springform tin.
4. Bake in a preheated oven at 180c (350F) for 45-60 minutes.
5. For the syrup:boil sugar and water until sugar dissolves,remove from heat; pour syrup over the cake as soon as it comes out of the oven. עוגת גזר וסלק

* Israeli restaurant guide by Daniel Rogov

The chocolate shop, here in my town - today .. :-)

and this one too.. in the same shop
Visiting the Turkiz shop in Beit-yitzhak-a moshav near netanya טורקיז - חנות לחפצים ומתנות pluto group-portfolio

I think they are very cute :-)

" turkiz" in Hebrew = turquoise - the color
אהבתי את תיק העבודות של קבוצת פלוטו - עיצוב ובניית אתרים - כנסו והציצו פנימה


Anonymous said...

Love the screen shot! I always think it's so interesting to see television shows from other countries.

Ari (Baking and Books)

fethiye said...

and do you know why "turquoise" color is called "turquoise"? ;)

chanit said...

Thank you Ariela !
Stephen Hawking is still in Israel and he's participating in a Tv broadcast,(made in 30 minutes !)
It's amazing !

chanit said...

fethiye hi !!! ;)
The Turquoise pebble?..

It's so good to see you here, thank you . :-)

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