December 2, 2006

I can remember Cenzina's Blog(in English) she's from Roma ( ), yes I know there is an 404 Not Found error , but you can find all 3 months from that Blog in the internet archive, like this one, just put the link for an site or Blog which is not active or not alive anymore in the Waybackmachine in the Internet Archive site,(with 55 billion pages !) -[the Waybackmachine Logo is taken from the Int. Archive web site]-this will take you back.. with some data not all data on the site or Blog; It doesn't work with very old and nonactive sites.In the internet archive Blog you can find:The archive cooks- here. Cenzina is writting in her very good looking Blog :il 'cavoletto di bruxelles' ,and I'm visiting her Blog when I'm hungry or need something sweet.. !
Sorry for the long time it takes me( my head was busy with other things :-( ) but now you can read the full recipe for this
Ricotta Cake which is realy very good, even I think you need few HOURS to make this cake, and you can half the dough all around..I''m asked to bake this cake very soon..again !
For my Hebrew readers , and for you too, here is a new site(It's one of the
Hebrew University of Jerusalem sites)the flora site is currently on it's Beta phase, all about Flore of Israel Online and in Hebrew = צמחיית ישראל ברשת most of the articles are in Hebrew, not all of them, this pps file is about "Species New to Science discovered and described" by Avinoam Danin" here in English, just click on the open file to take a look into Israeli plants: or here , in this pps file by Avinoam Danin you can learn:How to make "strings and ropes from wild plants in Israel" the file is not very big (3MB) so it will open in a minute or less.

Few weeks ago, having problems with my Boss, I've called Kav La'Oved for some advise, they were helpful and send me by Fax+by mail some papers I needed, I think they can help everybody here, as written on their web site:"Kav La'Oved is a non-profit organization dedicated to protecting the rights of the most disadvantaged workers in Israel, primarily: migrant workers, Palestinians from the occupation territories, personnel company employees, and new immigrants." פוטרתם או התפטרתם ממקום העבודה,ברצונכם לברר את זכויותיכם, גם אם אינכם נמנים על האוכלוסיות המוזכרות בקו לעובד, פנו, קבלו עיצה וגם ייעוץ נוסף בשעות הקבלה שלהם
* bossproblem site ..
* Kenwood KM800 800W silver major classic chef - Do you use this Mixer ? מה עדיף קנווד חדש או קיטצ'ן אייד חדש
* ISRAFOOD 2006 - The 23rd International Food and Beverage Exhibition in Israel-December 4-6- 2006 Tel Aviv Fairgrounds
לא יודעת אם אלך לתערוכה, נראה
* 9 Sweets For Today :Blogs, Food, music... *
1. Lush's Blog:"
Dans Mon Café"
- music

2. Isabel Filipe's Blog: "Art & Design de Isabel Filipe"- Art and design from Lisbon, Portugal
3. "
Cook and Eat" - again - a must visit Blog !
4. "
Sweet Love is Like Oxygen" - a song - do you like it ?

5. About the Book :Bread Science by Emily Buehler ,you can read some excerpts from this Book in a PDF file (39 pages !) לחם - המדע - תקציר מבספר

6. The Tenor Joseph Schmidt (1904-1942) יוסף שמידט - קטעי מוזיקה-למטה בחלק הצהוב

7. Rita Coolidge - We're All Alone ריטה קולידג

8. Hungarian Apple Struedel - step by step

To wake up - please click on this pic תודה ליובל ששלח לי את הבוקר טוב הזה-לחצו על התמונה להתעורר קצת :-)


Anonymous said...

שהכל יסתדר במהירות אצלך
לא בקרתי לכמה ימים, וואוי יש לי מה לקרוא

בהצלחה, חמודתי

chanit said...

Thank you :-)
מחפשת מיקסר חדש בשביל לאפות ולאפות, כייף לראות אותך פה

Roberto said...

The internet archive, uhhh good trick, now I know where to find the pages I can't find latter on, you are good Chanit when investigating the web is all about.

Thanks for the complements, is all about to have a good time and have fun, after all that's what cooking and baking is all about isn't?, it's a joy.

Oh today was cold at night and when I woke up and came to your blog, that elephant right there with big pink ears shot the whole bucket of cold water right at my face, but was worth it!, I woke up inmediatly and the sleepness got away. :). When I need to be very active and 100% awake I'll come to see this elephant post, well worth it!.

Great to know you are better. You will conquer the world!!. :)

Denise said...

Chanit, which McCormicks spices are you looking for - the mixes or the plain ones?

chanit said...

roberto thank you SO much my dear !

chanit said...

denise hi and welcome !
I'm looking for the plain ones - thank you .

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