December 19, 2006

נשר - מפעל המלט ברמלה

The Cement factory - Ramle near Tel Aviv -Today

Coming later - a day outside... the kitchen :-)
נשר - מפעל המלט הישראלי-ביקור במפעל ברמלה
נשר - מפעל המלט ברמלה"Nesher Israel Cement Enterprises Ltd., Israel's sole producer of cement has led the country's building sector for over 80 years. Since its establishment, the company has become a major force in Israeli industry through the high quality of its products and its commitment to customers and the environment. Nesher supplies most of the cement needs of Israel and the Palestinian Authority and also exports cement and clinker. The company has three plants located in Haifa, Ramla and Har Tuv. The company's flagship plant in Ramle near Tel Aviv is one of the world's largest and leading factories in terms of production capacity, advanced production technology and preserving the environment..." On left you can see Yitzhak Rabin while visiting the nesher company (the old one )which is located in Haifa,years ago.Today I was visiting the nesher company's which is planted in Ramle near Tel Aviv and near Lod [this map is in Hebrew] ; The modern Visitors Center in Ramle is very popular ,and organizes free tours few times a day; since 2004 there were 12,000 visitors in that center. In this flash film you can watch the cement process.The cement is made of raw materials which includes minerals with :Iron(FE)55%+Calcium CA)40%+ Aluminium (AL)27%+Silicon(Si)20% .This company is like a city with streets, lights at night ,which works every day, every hour =365 days ,even in the weekend and every holiday ; In this Pdf file (sorry but it's in Hebrew ) you can learn about the Nesher history ; nesher in Hebrew means vulture- this is the company's famous Logo ..נשר - מפעל המלט הישראלי הקיים זה למעלה מ- 80 שנה מייצר מוצרי מלט מגוונים-המפעל והשטח בו הוא מתפרס עצום מידות, כמו עיר עם רחובות, המקום כולל מעבדות, טכנולוגייה מפותחת ,כמו כן שמירה על איכות הסביבה,המפעל מקיים סיורים מודרכים מעניינים , הכוללים סרטון על קולי - מקסים, ללא תשלום,לפרטים באתר של נשר.האתר כולל מצגות המסבירות כיצד נוצר המלט, כולל איורים מרהיבים- כנסו והתרשמו


Anonymous said...

How cute!!!

chanit said...

Thank you dolce ;)

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