January 7, 2007

Fried Onion Rings

A dough made with Beer is not bad at all, actually It's the easiest fried dough ; just mix flour + beer, add salt and pepper and that's it.sure.. you have to Dredge the onion slices in the batter and fry then until golden brown..; A single question about making ' Fried Onion Rings' , in one of the Israeli Food forums, made me curious.. the good thing is:you get a nice snack in few minutes, the bad thing is the oil.. to much oil, eat them fresh and hot ..
there is no onion sharpness at all .shell I make this recipe soon again ? I'm not sure...טבעות בצל מטוגנות-בבצק בירה

I love semolina, in a cake or in mamoul cookies (yummy!) or in my porridge (one of my comfort foods ever).. ; I've found a new recipe for Italian orange semolina cookies in my newspaper cuttings ... Aharoni's recipe from his weekly column ' 7 minutes in eden' (ynet-Friday's newspaper)2 years ago ; So.. they look very easy and with fresh lemon peel (not orange) I've made them today..
It's more easy to gather all your cake/cookies ingredients with an electric mixer (my first use with the K part for mixing) BUT.. I can feel the uncookes semolina in the cookies..will I bake them again very soon...I'm not sure,even they're not bad at all; maybe It's my sensitivity .. the semolina cookies: mix:175 gr flour+200 gr semolina+100 gr sugar+100 gr very soft butter+2 eggs+2 TB orange(or lemon )peel.chill the dough for 1 hour or more. make small ball ,you'll get 47 cookies out of this dough, flaten them and bake in preheated oven- 190c - for 15 minutes.עוגיות סולת איטלקיות

No ! I'm not proud of my self.. but I was hungry and lazy to cook some real food today..SO I've found a small package of dry magadara;[ this is a real and nice recipe מג'דרה-אורז עדשים]; (Persian rice and green/brown lentils )and I cooked it , yes I did.. just adding boiling water, and cooking the mix for 20 minutes..
And yes, thanks for asking I'm hungry again ..! mom's food is always better ! :-)


shin said...

Hi Chanit :-)

the onion rings sounds really tasty
(but the oil... bug problem)

i think i'll try it someday. :-)

chanit said...

Thanks shin
תודה על הביקור, שמחתי
חבל שהסמיילים פה לא מגוונים

wheresmymind said...

Beer battered onion rings are so the way to go!

chanit said...

Thank you jeff ;)

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