May 25, 2007

His name was unknown* .. but he was Portuguese..
No, I'm not sure about this Portuguess Bread Name,but this yellow-corn Bread is good. The crust is crispy , the inside is moist,it's slices beautifully, and's more yellow then in my photo..serve it with butter, while still warm.

Portuguess Corn Bread - * Broa de milho/The world Encyclopedia of Bread לחם תירס פורטוגזי-מתכון בעברית-למטה
7 gr dry yeast or 20 gr fresh yeast
250 ml lukewarm water
225 gr maize meal
450 white bread flour
150 ml lukewarm milk
2 TB olive oil (=30 ml)
1.5 ts salt
makes 1 large loaf
Mix the yeast with the water,stir in half maize meal (=112gr)and 50gr of the flour and mix to a batter,with a wooden spoon,cover for 30 minutes .Stir the milk into the batter, then stir in olice oil.gradually mix in the remaining maize meal,flour and salt;knead for 10 minutes (I did it with my mixer).place in a oiled bowl,cover and leave to rise for 1.5-2 hours, or until double in size. Knock back the dough,shape into a round ball,flatten slightly,place on a large baking shet.dust with polenta,cover and leave to rise for about 1 houror until doubled in size.meanwhile preheat the oven to 450F (230C).Bake for 10 minutes,reduce yhe oven temp. to 375F (190C) and bake for 25 minutes or until golden. -מתקבלת כיכר אחת גדולה וצהבהבה,קרום פריך

1 round Bread loaf..let's bake it now..

1 hour later..
the dough..

the yeast with the water,stir in half maize meal ...cover for 30's bubbling!! :-)

* update 12.6.2007: I want to thank Joao Pedro from his Blog : Ardeu -padaria (visit him ,it's written in portuguess) who wrote me,after reading this post ".. I have found one where you mentioned that you were not sure about the name of a Portuguese bread. Well, the name is "Broa de milho" , broa is one type of hard bread which can be sweet and eaten in special occasions or the salty version like the one you have baked , which is part of our everyday bread, and also used in some recipes of meat and fish cooked in the oven. Milho is the portuguese word for corn..." - Thank you ,Joao Pedro,you are welcome , so now we know his name .. ! :-)

עידכון 12.6.07:מתכון לחם התירס הפורטוגזי הזה,תורגם לעברית- את התרגום אפשר למצוא פה ,חן חן,הוספתי את הקישור בכדי שמי שירוץ להכין יוכל לראות גם תמונות,אנא קשרו .תודה

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What am I reading now?....please take a look:

* Can this information help us ? - Vitamins, Minerals, & Herbs
* recipe :Old-Fashioned Chocolate Rice Pudding -- * - many recipes, just here +many sweets + Riesen Brezen +"Alle Rezepte mit Bild" + Schwedische Zimtschnecken (Kanelbullar) + viba-sweets recipes + Essen und Trinken -video + Homemade Italian Mascarpone מסקרפונה ביתית +Typisch Österreichische Mehlspeisen + video-oetker + kochen und kueche + Johann Lafers Culinarium + Gefüllte Schoko Neros +blaue zimtsterne + Hazelnut Meringue Cake /cool desserts + more sweet recipes +more recipes + Gefüllte Walnusshappen

Update 29.5.07- It wasn't a good baking day are my new Greek feta cheese cookies, not the best ever (so..there is NO recipe)
and here are my Schwedische Zimtschnecken -Kanelbullar , again it's not bad .. but you have some better recipes .. as my mom said ..

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