October 9, 2007

Avocado seeds and more ...

You can grow your Avocado seeds * ..or make some Artwork out of them-

Eli Zender, 88 years old ,from Israel is carving small faces from Avocado Seeds !!
He's keep doing it for years with the help of a simple swiss pocket knife .As Eli says in this *
short video it takes him 10 - 30 minutes to make one small head, then the finished face have to dry for 2 months , he makes also a finish which helps to keep his Artwork for a long time. He was asked how much faces did he creat in his life ?-"about 10,000" ! he says. As he traveled alot around the world he gave away so many Avocado seed faces,and until now he's keeps in touch with friends all around the world. He loves his Artwork and keep doing it with lot of pleasure, as he says :"I'll keep creating these faces as far as God gives me..it keep my brain and my hands working .
* The video [from ynet- Hebrew] speaks Hebrew but you can watch Eli and enjoy this clever older man with his special Artwork , I did :-). To watch the video please press the small Red arrow, and wait for a minute מחר נגלף עוד אבוקדו- מישל דור- ווינט
* The Avocado seed can grow into an attractive house plant But You'll never get fruits.. [read more about how to grow your Avocado seeds - Here]

More - Made in Israel ..

E-pup פרוייקט הגמר של קיושי אינואה - מכללת הדסה י-ם
E-pup is a hand puppet , made for children .This doll is one of the final 2007 project Artwork of the student K. Enoa from Hadassah college, Jerusalem . The puppet inspiration is taken from the Japanese Art. [The student is a son of a Japanese father and an Italian mother, which was raised in the US]. The child can play with the look on the puppet face,which is based on a flexible OLED screen.Take a look at these hand puppets collection 1+2+3+4. This project is one of many others , final projects in this College [It's written in Hebrew , but you can enlarge the pics as you like ] all of them are particular,I like them .

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