March 15, 2011

Everyday Challah (Braided White Bread)

Everyday Challah - So simple , So good !

For 3 medium sise breads:
6TB oil (not olice oil)
1.5 cups warm water
2ts white sugar
2ts salt
14 gr dry yeast = 4.5ts
1/2 cup warm water
3 eggs (large size)
7-7.5 cups AP flour (1 kilo more or less)
poppy seeds

H O W :
In a mixer bowl mix the oil and 1.5 cups water.
Add sugar and salt.
In a small bowl dissolve the yeast in 1/2 cup warm water,let stand for 5 minutes.
Add the eggs to your mixer bowl .(leaving 1 yolk for brushing the Breads).
Now add the yeast mixture to the mixer bowl, mix well.
Stir in 4 cups flour, mix well and add more 3- 3.5 cups flour.
Turn out on to floured board and knead until smooth.
Place in a large greased bowl. (turn dough in bowl).Cover and allow to rise until doubled in bulk.
Punch down.
Divide the dough into 3 parts.
Divide each part into 3 more parts and braid into 3 (small) loaves.
Place each braided loaf in a loaf pan (or on a large baking sheet).
Mix the reserved egg yolk with 1 TB water and brush loaves with a pastry brush.
Sprinkle with poppy seed.
Allow to rise for another hour.
Bake in 400F (200C) for 40-50 minutes or until the loaves sounds hollow when tapped.

This was my breakfast yesterday :

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Nancy Lewis said...

This looks so good! and so fresh! Your eggs are very white, did you remove the yolk or is it just hiding underneath the tomatoes?
~Nancy Lewis~

Anonymous said...

What a fine tribute to Israel and women...beautiful photography and gorgeous cakes and breads and more!I can't tell you how much I have learned from reading your stories....thank you much for all of your hard work..

The Food Hunter said...

Looks really good...

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