June 10, 2012

Chocolate coated Banana

 Chocolate coated Banana  
It's not a (very) new idea, but it was new to me and.. very tasty :) .
Chocolate coated bananas (that are kept in the freezer) were very easy to prepare , delicious as a snack and fun to make . 
Do you have Bananas at home ? what about some chocolate  ..?
You can use dark or half dark chocolate or flavored chocolate in this recipe.
So what do you needs more ?
Plastic trays (or a tray of different materials that you can freeze).
A bain marie to dissolve the chocolate.
Freezing time is short ,  in the same day you can eat your Chocolate coated Banana .
Bananas love chocolate !
H O W :
Use ripe Bananas, but not too ripe.
Here are my 2 bananas:

Peel your Bananas.
Cut each one to (about) 6 pieces.
Put a toothpick in each banana piece.

Place the Banana pieces on a plastic tray and freeze for two hours. No need to cover.

Dissolve about 100 grams of chocolate (broken into small pieces) in a bain marie or in a bowl over  hot water.
100 gr of chocolate would be enough for 2 medium sized bananas.
Work quickly: hold a banana piece (with the toothpick) . dip into the bowl of melted chocolate, turn once and removed immediately.
You can dip the chocolate coated banana pieces also into chopped nuts or coconut.
Place the coated banana back to the same plastic tray. In the same way dip quickly the rest of the bananas in chocolate (and then in coconut, optional) place on the tray/s.

Freeze the banana tray for about 30 minutes or until chocolate is hard .Leftover keep in the freezer .  

Shadows- Lindsey Stirling

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cybil said...

very yummy combination! I love pancakes with banana and nutella filling! ;-))

Chanita Harel חני הראל said...

Thank you cybil :-))

Sangeeta Prakash said...

Great,simple,delicious! what a dish! we liked it.Thanks for innovations.

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