January 17, 2007

Il Farnaio's Panmarino לחם רוזמרין איטלקי

Only butter is needed.. ! Yes ,this new Bread recipe is realy very very good.Make the biga a day or even a week or 2 weeks ahead , But -you have here biga for 2 more Breads; This dough needs more time to rise, as you'll use cold water,less yeast - and It's winter now.. let your bread rise slowly. You'll get here one small loaf ; Panmarino is a Rosemary Bread - I've made mine without the rosemary..; The crust is crispy, the inside is white and soft, and what a smell ! Sorry - I'm going to eat that small slice with butter,I'll be back with the full recipe :-)
--* Il Farnaio's Panmarino *

Il Farnaio's Panmarino
adaptation of one from Franco Galli's the Il Fornaio Baking Book 1993[take a look inside the Book] /My recipe is from the 'Sunset Recipe Annual 1995 Edition'. /Il Fornaio
3/4 ts activ dry yeast (I use instant yeast)
1 cup cool tap water 1/4 cup biga (recipe follows)* at room temperture
2 TB milk
1 TB coarsely chopped fresh rosemary
3/4 ts regular salt
3 - 3 1/4 cups bread flour
1/2 ts coarse salt

* Biga: In a bowl,sprinkle 1/4 ts active dry yeast over 1/2 cup cool water; let stand until yeast is dissolved,about 5 minutes,stir in 1 cup bread flour until combined.chill airtight at least 24 hours or up to 2 weeks [makes 1 cup]
In a large bowl of an electric mixer or another bowl,sprinkle yeast over water and let stand until dissolved, about 5 minutes -- ; Add biga, milk,roswmary (I didn't add rosemary..),regular salt,and 2 cups flour. with dough hook or spoon, mix in 3/4 cups more flour.
Beat with dough hook or knead by hand.-- place dough in an oiled bowl,turn over to oil top, cover and let rise (at 70-75F) until doubled : 11/4 - 11/2 hours. -- Punch down and knead briefly to expel air; repeat rising in oiled bowl until doubled :1-1 1/4 hours.
punch down dough and knead briefly.on a floured board, shape dough into a smooth 5 inch ball.
place on a well-floured baking sheet, let rise until dough is puffy and holds a faint impression whenlightly pressed, about 30 minutes.
At least 30 minutes before baking, place the baking stone in an oven and heat to 400F (200C).-- with a razor blade or very sharp knife,slash an asterisk about 1/4 inch deep and 6 in across into top of dough.sprinkle slash with coarse salt.you can use a spray bottle and mist the loaf (Ididn't mist my loaf..)If you use the baking stone (I don't use it..) slide bread onto stone,and bake until bread is deep golden 35-40 minutes.
lift loaf to a rack to cool.

Tip and secrets of top bread bakers : The Sunset Cookbook [I guess you use these Tips]"* Slow rise :by letting dough proof at room temperature (70-75F) the bread develops a much more complex flavor and interesting texture.* Biga will enhance flavor and texture.
* If you have a baking stone use it - for thicker,crisper crusts (I don't use it)* When you make a loaf, pick a day when your schedule is relaxed ; for rising choose a draft-free corner of your kitchen
* Make your bread beautiful and attractive."
* 1/4 cup biga- at room temperture *

* More Panmarino Bread recipes and pics : 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 *
2 more ..from the same biga ..


wheresmymind said...

That looks too good! I'd want mine with Nutella :D

Anonymous said...

Your bread looks great - lately I've been on a focaccia kick, but I need to start experimenting with other kinds of breads.

Josie said...

You write about things with such excitement you make me want to try them! And I think I'll start with this bread...*smile*

chanit said...

Thanks jeff !
I love your new Bread collection ! ;)

chanit said...

Sara thanks ans Welcome !
We love this Bread very much ,and I know - your focaccia looks yummy :-)

chanit said...

josie ,
Thank you and welcome ! ;)

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