May 31, 2007

Tuna Rolls with Water Roux - Tangzhong Starter לחמניות טונה

This is a wonderful and a a five ***** stars recipe !! yes, not less. A very soft dough, full with Tuna- do we need more from a morning or evening sandwich?... .It was new to me , and it's my first time making Angie's "Water Roux - Tangzhong Starter "(thank you so much Angie !), it was easy and funny,and some was left , maybe for the nest time. My mixer helped me kneading the dough for few minutes,useing only 1 egg and adding the butter at the ending;I didn't use all the sugar, only 1 TB was good for me .1 hour later the dough was ready to use. As I didn't have sweetcorn and that miracle whip , I use only tuna for filling, but the best one:Rio mare - Tonno per pasta=160 gr .Did I said these 15 rolls are soft... I'm sure you'll like them :-) [another fresh new thing is this tray -it was made by me , just yesterday, I love painting yelow and purple dots, around and mixing some colors ]

Tuna Rolls
 /Angie's recipe from
לחמניות טונה של אנג'יDough:a: 425 g Bread flour
60 g Sugar
2/3 tsp Salt
9 g Active dry yeast
b: 55 g Egg, 128 ml Warm milk, 125 g Water Roux Starter *
c: 33 g Butter
Filling:1 tin/150 g Tuna
2 tbsp Sweet corns
2 tbsp Miracle whip
½ tsp Dry parsley Decoration:
Blach and white sesame seeds

H O WAdd dough ingredients (a) and (b) in a mixing bowl. Mix with dough hook at slow speedfor 1 minute. Change to the medium speed, and continue to mix on slow speed for 3 minutes on medium speed until a dough is form.
Add butter gradually and mix for approx. 5 minutes on medium speed until gluten is fully developed, i. e. elastic, smooth, non-sticky and leave from sides of mixing bowl.
Ferment the dough in a lightly greased plastic bag for 1 hour, Leave in a warm place until dough is double in volume.
Punch the dough down to release gases produced in the fermenting process. Divide dough into55-60 grams portions and round up. Rest for 15 minutes at the room temperature.
Mix all the ingredients for the stuffing and set aside.
Press each portion into a round and place some stuffing in the middle of dough, seal the edges of the round to make a bun shape.
Ferment the dough for another 45 minutes until double in volume. After fermenting is done, brush the egg glaze and circle with some pudding on the top.
Bake in preheated oven at 170C/340F for 15-18 minutes until golden in colour. Turn buns on to a wire rack and let cool completely.
* Water Roux - Tangzhong Starter
50 g Bread flour
250 ml Water
A Water roux starter is a mixture of flour and water. That is to bring the 1 portion of flour and 5 portions of water to boil up to 65C/150F. This starter can be used in bread recipes to provide a characteristic soft and juicy texture. Japan is famous for its “water roux” starter bread.
In a bowl, whisk together the water and the flour.
Mix until well blended and lump free.
Place it on the gas stove and warm it up over the medium heat to reach 65C/150F. It takes about 2-3 minutes.
Cover loosely with plastic wrap and store in the refrigerator.
To use the starter, measure out the amount called for in a recipe and let stand at room temperature.
Unlike Sourdough starter, this special Tangzhong doesn't improve its flavour with age. So it's preferably to use up in 3 days.

full recipe is here
in the oven...for 22 minutes..
".. Ferment the dough for another 45 minutes until double in volume.."
I use only tuna for filling, but the best one:Rio mare - Tonno per pasta=160 gr
50 minutes later
the dough is ready..
adding the cold and cooked Water Roux to the flour,egg, yeast...
Here I'm cooking the "Water Roux - Tangzhong Starter "
also on tastespotting לשמחתי אתר צילום האוכל הטוב בעולם פרסם את תמונת הלחמניות טונה הטעימות הללו
תודות לאפיבא המקסימה שקיבלה במייל ושיתפה בכרטיס ברכה המזמר הזה,הצצתי לאתר וגיליתי גם את אלו-פתחו נא רמקולים
הטיפ היומי: המרת קמח לבן רגיל לקמח תופח-ל-500 גרם קמח נשתמש בחפיסת אבקת אפיה,החפיסה שוקלת 10 גרם-כשתיים וחצי כפיות אבקה, כוס קמח סטנדרטית שוקלת 140 גרם קמח, מכך יוצא שלכל כוס קמח רגיל, נוסיף 2.8 גרם אבקת אפיה שזה פחות מכפית אבקת אפיה,הורדנו בכך גרם ומשהו חומר התפחה, האם יעשה הבדל המאפים.. ננסה ונראה


Vcuisine said...

Beautiful Chanit. Viji

chanit said...

Thank you viji ! :-)

Amelia said...

where do you buy the rio mare tuna? I've been searching for it FOREVER!

chanit said...

Hi amelia
We can buy the Rio mare tuna in every shop/store here, in Israel
where are you from ?
Thanks for visiting ! :-)

Zuke said...

it is strange not to be able to find rio mare, here in greece we get it alot ;)

chanit said...

Thank you and welcome !
I think it's the best Tuna you can find , we eat one Tuna box even today with Barilla pasta..:-)

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