July 9, 2005

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I think gourmania site is a great found ..you can find there: Cookbook Reviews ,Recipes ,Tips ,Jewish Holidays/Other Holidays ,Articles and Links ...
"Are you hungry? Welcome to my kitchen"
Norene Gilletz often refer as "The Jewish Julia Child"!
sample recipes:
Sugar Cookies or
"Norene Gilletz is the leading author of Kosher cookbooks in Canada,Gourmania Inc. is her company.
Read about chocolate ... Reading ... - blogpulse
- More searching ...
- Tantemarie recipes:
- Tante Marie’s Candied Orange Peel ; Cranberry and Orange Thyme Sorbet ; Persimmon Crisp - English Muffins recipe SmartQuote My three keys to success: One, work hard. Two, be your own person. And three, have a passion for what you're doing." - Basic Chocolate Truffles
- All magic.
- blissin the kitchen - what a nice Blog

Apple Cider..
Ten Things
That Make Life Worth Living

- Buttermilk bun recipe ניצי מכינה סושי, כעכים משוואביה-מתכון גרמני בעברית,לחמניות ריוויון
- Sweet snail recipe עוגת שמרים איטלקית ; Cinnamon Rolls - great recipe

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