April 16, 2006

Jerusalem Today- 2006 and more

Passover 2006 - all pictures by Ran.
Links To Visit : tour jerusalem ירושלים - תמונות וקישורים
* Museums -Jerusalem and surroundings * jerusalem shots - New Pictures * The Jerusalem Bird Observatory * time-elevator-jerusalem * Bloomfield Science Museum* Welcome to Jerusalem - Spring in the city * jerusalem shots Wallpapers * Jerusalem Film Festival איפה לבקר
Ran is cooking us -'Lemon Shakshuka ' שקשוקה לימונית של רן
* “Taga” - the biggest used and rare book store in Israel
* "Other Interesting and Amusing Pages(just for fun)"
* THE GRAND HOTEL WIEN - Cakes , and , and , and ,, Yummy, I have to stop now..
* Helen Yee's Food Blog is now(today) well known ,here in Israel,written about in Al Hashulchan new newsletter !, so you can grab your fork too! :-)
* Jelly Jars - Here

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