April 13, 2006

Passover 2006 - II

I'm lucky today, I have a guest from Israel, here in my Blog,here comes "BIGJACK"[tsahi] with one of his great recipes - Mafrum ,This recipe is well known in the cuisine of the Libyan Jews , He told us It's his mom recipe, and she gave him many of her good cooking secrets..!
I know there are many very good North African Recipes , but I didn't try any of them for years..Months ago, visiting Tapuz Food Forum [=Hebrew] ,I've found myself wondering, how this guy,who writes there, knows how to cook, so many tasty foods,Yummy ! And yes ,his cakes are great too.
Tsahis is a generous person,he wrote me yesterday, he has more and more interesting recipes..so I'm waiting for him.. This Mafrum was made in his kitchen 2 years ago or so, can you smell something good?. :-)
קשה לי קצת לכתוב, אני כותבת וריחות טובים עולים באפי, אני כותבת ולפתע נהיית רעבה,המתכון מעורר תאבון,בהחלט,נסיון נוסףMafrum
For the meat balls
500 gr ground meat
2 eggs
2 slices of challa bread, soaked in water and then squeezed well
1 big onion
bread crumbs or matzoh meal
For coating the meat balls
4 eggs
tomato paste (3-4 TB)
For the dish
tomatos, onions, potatos..
1 big and long aubergine
1 celery with all stems and green leafs
6-8 TB tomato pasta
In a large cooking pot , arrange layer of:first layer-onions, then tomatos, then potatos and then the aubergine, add salt and pepper after each layer. Full recipe - soon* All the Mafrum pictures are Bigjack's (he is a talented photographer, isn't he?) *
* Knaidlach - The site+recipes,english/Hebrew[Neta write her mom's recipes]
* Bake Macarons.. [PDF file]
"Experience is the name everyone gives to their mistakes." -Oscar Wilde

Mafrum, step by step - all mafrum pictures by Bigjack - full recipe soon
תודותיי נתונות לצחי , בשיתופו אותנו בהכנת המפרום של משפחתו,כל התמונות צולמו ע"י צחי במטבחו הפרטי
"Knowledge is the food of the soul" -
My Matza with silan..Yummy !


The Old Foodie said...

I love the Write Like an Egyptian. I just tried theoldfoodie. Must see if I can use it somewhere on my blog.

chanit said...

Thanks, we love this too, tried my name, his name and more .. ;)

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