November 16, 2006

No-knead bread ~לחם ללא לישה

לחם ללא לישהmakes one 1.5 pound loaf
Originally published by
Mark Bittman in the New York Times
Adapted from Jim Lahey, Sullivan Street Bakery
+ Breads Around the World + Minimalist no-knead bread technique, NYT article on Sullivan St. Bakery trickTime: About 1½ hours plus 14 to 20 hours rising

3 cups all-purpose or bread flour, more for dusting
¼ teaspoon instant yeast
1¼ teaspoons salt
Cornmeal or wheat bran as needed.

1. In a large bowl combine flour, yeast and salt. Add 1 5/8 cups water(1.5 cups?) and stir until blended; dough will be shaggy and sticky. Cover bowl with plastic wrap. Let dough rest at least 12 hours, preferably about 18, at warm room temperature, about 70 degrees.
2. Dough is ready when its surface is dotted with bubbles. Lightly flour a work surface and place dough on it; sprinkle it with a little more flour and fold it over on itself once or twice. Cover loosely with plastic wrap and let rest about 15 minutes.
3. Using just enough flour to keep dough from sticking to work surface or to your fingers, gently and quickly shape dough into a ball. Generously coat a cotton towel (not terry cloth) with flour, wheat bran or cornmeal; put dough seam side down on towel and dust with more flour, bran or cornmeal. Cover with another cotton towel and let rise for about 2 hours. When it is ready, dough will be more than double in size and will not readily spring back when poked with a finger.
4. At least a half-hour before dough is ready, heat oven to 450 degrees. Put a 6- to 8-quart heavy covered pot (cast iron, enamel, Pyrex or ceramic) in oven as it heats. When dough is ready, carefully remove pot from oven. Slide your hand under towel and turn dough over into pot, seam side up; it may look like a mess, but that is O.K. Shake pan once or twice if dough is unevenly distributed; it will straighten out as it bakes. Cover with lid and bake 30 minutes, then remove lid and bake another 15 to 30 minutes, until loaf is beautifully browned. Cool on a rack. Full recipe + New York Times article on slow rise bread baked in a pot! +Holy Bread!

הכנת ואפיית הלחם הזה, לוותה מבחינתי בהרבה סקרנות, במיוחד בשלב שהלחם נאפה בכלי החרס עם המכסה. לא ידעתי מה יצפה לי ברגע שאסיר אותו. לשמחתי לא התאכזבתי. לפעם הבאה לנסות לשים פחות מים, אולי כוס וחצי תספיק אחרת הבצק דליל ובשלב העיצוב קשה לטיפול ולח מדי,ההבדל בכמות המים קטן ונראה לי משמעותי, לכן רשמתי לעצמי לאפות יותר זמן, כלומר 30 ועוד 30 דקות ללא מכסה ואולי כלי החרס שלי דורש יותר זמן, אז עוד לחם מעניין נוסף לרשימה. תודה למגיבים, תודה לכל אופי הלחמים מפה ומשם המעשירים אותנו בריחות וטעימים, לחם חדש בקרוב

For the next time.. I'll use 1.5 cups of water , and bake the bread without the lid for 30 minutes ...
לחם ללא לישה

בחודש פברואר 2007, זכה מתכון הלחם ללא לישה ,הזה, כמתכון החודש של אתר שטיבל


Papilles et Pupilles said...

I've ever tried this technique. It's very interesting

wheresmymind said...

very interesting...wish I was a baker :)

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Your bread is superb! I love it's golden crust. Very appetizing...

Anonymous said...

This bread looks so good! I am just a beginner in baking bread but I really like it and want to try more and more.

Anonymous said...

I´ve tried this bread. Absolut easy and just perfect.

Claudia said...

Congratulations! Your bread looks delicious. I couldn't believe that the recipe works. Now I tell everybody to try it:

Roberto said...

I never baked anything in clay pot tools still but those pictures are pure vivid expresions of something good,wow.

chanit said...

Hi Anna,
Thanks for updating me and thanks for the link, this is my first try with a technique like this,
your 'Cheese naans ' looks very yummy !! :-)
* I like the English version with the "8 portions of cow-which-laughs "- I realy didn't know the meaning before.. we have this sort of Cheese here, not in all shops.
T H A N K - Y O U :-)

chanit said...


chanit said...

rosa thank you !
few Bread slices were my breakfast today, the crust was fine , even the Bread was in the freezer for few days.. :-)

chanit said...

orchidea - Welcome !!
I love your nick name ,thank you for your comment,and for visiting me here , I'm waiting to see your Breads.. :-)

chanit said...

thank you very much ! :-)

chanit said...

claudia Hi
I'm happy for you - thank you for you comment
I love your Blog ! :-)

chanit said...

Thank you roberto !
I've used a clay pot before but for baking a chicken not a Bread.. :-)

Anonymous said...

Great crust - but not much taste - anybody have a sourdough variation ?

Anonymous said...

5/8 cup equals
1/2 cup plus 2 Tablespoons

Chanita Harel said...

Thanks .

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