December 28, 2006

Pizza San Domenico, Chocolate Babbka **בבקה שוקולד

I love to bake with yeast, first watching the dry yeast waiking up with thier food- the sugar ,water and a warm place to stay.. I was opening today a new 500 g package of instant yeast ; It's very cold here in Israel so what's better than baking something salty and sweet like a yeast pastry ? You can't find here many sorts of yeast ,No Activ dry yeast or what ever.. only fresh or dry yeast (and an Improver- whic I don't like at all) .The fresh yeast are made by Paka or well known here like "shimrit" - shmarim is the hebrew word for yeast ; The shimrit web site is full with recipes, in Hebrew , like this one, or this one , there is 'this month recipe ' , recipe booklets you can get free ..and many tips and ideas how to work with fresh yeasts . There are - 2 pachages- 50 g each one : the fresh yeast which are like small crumbs and fresh yeast in a cube ; you can buy instant yeast made by Bruggeman- Belgium.

Let's start with the salty dough :- Yesterday I went to sleep too late.. with an old Pizza Cookbook, It's strange or not.. but I've waked up this morning and I knew - there will be a new Pizza today, it's time to use the left-over mozarella cheese.. the 3- too old pizza dough needed more water as written in the recipe, maybe my bread flour needed more.. anyway the dough wasn't very soft , but I think the 4 TB of olive oil gave him a crispy texture (after baking) ; on left is the unbaked pizza (you'll get 4 small pizza's = 8 in ,out of this recipe)

Pizza San Domenico פיצה
For the dough
375 gr strong plain flour
1 sachet dried yeast =2 ts
4 TB olive oil
1 ts salt (=5 ml)
1 ts sugar (=5ml)
For the topping200 gr tomatoes
3 TB olive oil
6 peelrd cloves garlic thinly sliced
100-200 gr mozzarella cheese,sliced
ground black pepper
10 anchovy fillets
50 gr grated parmesan cheese
fresh marjoram sprigs to garnish
1. For the dough:mix flour +yeast.add olive oil,salt,sugar and 125-250 lukewarm water; mix to a dough, knead for 5 minutes until smooth.cover and set aside until doubled in size.
2. Knead the dough again, then divide into 4 pieces, roll each piece to form 20 cm(8 in) round pizza base; place on a large baking sheet.
3. Brush the dough with olive oil
4. For the topping: slice the tomatoes and drizzle with olive oil, then arange the slices over the pizza bases.
5.Top with garlic,then the slices of mozzarella and season with pepper, add the anchovy fillets; leave the pizzas in a warm place to rise again (1 hour +- )
6. Sprinkle over the parmesan , then bake in a preheated oven at 375f (190c) for 15-17 minutes- until risen and golden brown.
Serve hot...
oK, now I have 4 pizzas and 4 Babkas (or Babbka) cakes ..I can write about this cake.Babbka as I know is an ukrainian yeast cake with cheese filling or better.. with Cream cheese or like this one .. I'm bringing here the Israeli Babka , well known here as "Amira's Babka" הבבקה שהביאה אמירה, she writes ,she took another yeast recipe , for cinnamon rolls and made a Babka out of it . The cake is very good, and Amira is a talented baker as well. The dough is filled with Nutella and you'll get 4 cakes out of this recipe, If you don't like chocolate filling spread with butter-suger-cinnamon filling.

Chocolate Babbka בבקה שוקולד
For the yeast:
4 1/2 ts dried yeast
1 cup warm water
1 ts sugar
For the dough:
2/3 cup sugar
1 cup warm milk
150 gr very soft butter
1/2 ts salt
2 eggs
7-8 cups AP flour (I use: 7 1/4 cups)
For the filling:
1 350 gr Nutella [cinnamon,chopped nuts can be added] OR
If you don't use Nuttella use another filling: soft butter, sugar (white or brown, cinnamon.. nuts)
1 egg beaten for glazing
Makes 4 Babbka cakes
Mix the water+1 ts sugar and the yeast, let rise for 5-10 minutes.
In a large bowl mix: warm milk+sugar+very soft butter,salt and eggs.Add the yeast mixture and mix well.
Now start adding flour - cup after cup (7-8 cups ) ,until you get a soft and elastic dough; knead for few minutes (It's a very fine dough) ; put in a large oiled bowl and let it rise for 1-11/2 hours until doubled in size , or let it rise all night in the fridge. Now knead the dough for 1-2 minutes and divide to:4 parts. Roll out each part very thin and spread with Nutella all over the dough, roll tight and make a spiral, repeat with the other 3 parts; let the cakes rise for an 1-1 1/2 hours. Glaze with the beaten egg and bake 2 cakes at a time in a large baking tin at 190C for 30-35 minutes or until golden brown.
Yummy ! [this cake freezes well]

מאת: אמירה 14/02/04 15:46
מתכון: בבקה של אמירה


41/2 כפיות שמרים יבשים
כוס מים פושרים
2/3 כוס סוכר +1 כפית
1 כוס חלב פושר
150 גרם חמאה
חצי = 1/2כפית מלח
שתי =2 ביצים טרופות קלות
7-8 כוסות קמח

למלית 1- ממרח נוטלה,ניתן לבזוק מעליו, קינמון, אגוזים קצוצים, קוקוס
מלית 2- 50 גר' חמאה מרוככת, קינמון טחון, 1/3 כוס סוכר, אגוזים קצוצים

ביצה טרופה למריחה

אופן הכנה
מים+שמרים+כפית סוכרלערבב ולהניח בצד
בקערה גדולה לערבב החלב, הסוכר, החמאה מרוככת, המלח והביצים
להוסיף את תערובת השמרים התוססת,ולהתחיל להוסיף קמח עד שנוצר בצק רך וגמיש,לא יבש מדי
ללוש על משטח עבודה מספר דקות
להניח בקערה משומנת היטב, לכסות ולתת לנוח עד שמכפיל את ניפחו. לוקח יותר זמן מהרגיל, ניתן להכין, לשים במקרר ללילה ולאפות למחרת
לאחר שתפח, ללוש כדי לשחרר אויר, לחלק ל-4 חלקים
לרדד כל חלק דק דק, על משטח מקומח קלות זה העניין, דק דק, לא דק לא בבקה, עד שנראה שאוטוטו נקרע
למרוח בנדיבות ממרח נוטלה או כל ממרח אחר, ולהתחיל לגלגל לגלילה צפופה עד שמתקבל גליל ארוך(בערך 1/2 מטר
את הגלילה להעמיד בצורת האות- ח', וללפף אותה סביב עצמה, ולחבר את הקצוות, להניח בתבנית אינגליש קייק משומנת, להתפיח שוב (חשוב מאד!!!!!!) עד שעה, בינתיים לחמם תנור ל-190 מעלות, בעדינות למרוח את הבבקה בביצה טרופה, להכניס בכל פעם 2 תבניות, ולאפות כ- 40 דקות, עד שמקבלת צבע זהוב כהה
הבבקה ניתנת להקפאה, ניתן לפרוס לפני ההקפאה ואז להוציא רק מספר פרוסות, לחמם דקה במיקרו, ולטרוף
הבצק הבסיסי המקורי הוא לשבלולי קינמון, הכמות- 4 בבקות גדולות.מתאים ל- 4 תבניות אינגליש קייק


Kristen said...

That looks really delicious! This is going to sound so stupid, but I never thought of not shredding the cheese before putting it on the pizza. Duh!

avital said...

Awesome!! Especially the chocolate babka.. yummy!!

Roberto said...

This one looks original, I will have it on my recipes from other blogs section that I like for future experience. :)

chanit said...

Hi kristen,
It's not stupid, it's the Israeli way to top a Pizza..thanks. :-)

Hi avital !
It's realy good to see you here, thank you !
Next time I'll try the cinnamon and sugar filling.

Hi roberto and thank you !

I wish you all a Happy new year !

Anonymous said...

Just got back from visiting my son in Israel, first visit in 20 years (he is new oleh) and wanted to try to make some of the foods I had there. Thank you for your blog! I'm glad that it is raining. It was dry the entire time I was there.

Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

uhmmmm!!! smell well!!! I'll try to do the pizza tomorrow I only have a dubt what's the meaning of TS and TB?
Sorry I'm spanish and my english meaby is a little bit asleep:)

chanit said...

Dear ZOE Welcome !
ts= a tea spoon (the small one you use for sugar)
TB = a spoon you eat soup with..
BUT: I use ts+TB from a standart set which I buy,in this way, it's always the same measurement(size)
thanks for visiting and for your comment. :-)

chanit said...

Hi Barb and welcome !
I'll be glad to know which foods did you like here,in Israel.
Happy New Year to you !
Thank you for you comment and visit ;-)

Anonymous said...

thank you so much for the explanation. As I Told you yesterday, I'll try to do it today. I'll be back in order to show you the result. I'm glad to find your blog :)

chanit said...

Your always welcome !
I think the other Pizza dough is more easy to use, here is the link:

[please copy and paste it..]

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