August 27, 2007

Not For Sale ...צביעה על עץ

I'm sorry but these Boxes are not for sale.. הכנתי כמה מתנות לבנותI will give them away later, as presents to Ayelet and Hadar. I've made them from unpainted wood , using Acrylic paints and Goma Laca for the finish . For Hadar is the pink butterfly and the small Box; For Ayelet is the blue flowers picture and the big Box [which I love very much..]. It took me a week , until I knew What I'm going to do and I made all these with Love in the same day; I hope the girls will love their gifts.. Now I'm thinking of the next project :-)

How to make trays/boxes/pictures -my technique is good for new-unpainted wood

You need:
* Unpainted wood parts like trays/boxes and so on
* 1.5" brush- the soft and best you can get
* A acrylic paints -Like Folk Art- made in US
* Sandpaper (fine)
* Paper napkins with nice pictures
* Napkins glue
* Goma laca or other laca for the finish (I use an old brush for the laca)

* Start by sharpen your new and unpainted wood with a fine sandpaper ,your wood must be smooth
* Color your wood with the first paint color, let it dry –for 20-30 minutes
* Sharpen the wood once again, but VERY gently, until smooth
* Paint the second paint layer and let dry again
* Choose a nice napkin, the whole napkin or only one or some pictures in it ,sperate the 3 napkin layer
* With your clean brush spread a thin layer of the napkin glue on the painted wood; let it dry for 10 minutes.
* Stick the third color part of your napkin onto the wood -where you put the glue and spread another very thin layer of this glue ; let dry, even for few hours
* You can decorate around with gold/silver pain.. or whatever you want
* I cover with laca on the finished work to make it shining,and more resistant. chanit

Later update: LUNAR ECLIPSE--FULL COVERAGE: On Tuesday, Aug. 28th, the full Moon will enter Earth's shadow for a 90-minute total eclipse. People on the Pacific side of Earth will have the best view as the Moon turns a dreamy shade of sunset red...please read more about here in : Space weather+ shadow and substance

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Vcuisine said...

Lovely boxed Chanit. You promised to send me the details :) Viji

chanit said...

Dear viji !
Thanks for your comment B-)
The fisrt mail is now in you mail-box ,I'm sorry for my late replay :-)

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