December 26, 2008

**Orange almond butter biscuits

Orange almond butter biscuits עוגיות תפוז שקדים וחמאה

Orange almond butter biscuits
 /Dan Lepard
 מתכון העוגיות המלא בעברית

These cookies are perfect to go with everything , also to give them away. We love them very much, one of the best cookies ever ! Makes about 35

200g unsalted butter
finely grated zest of two oranges
100g icing sugar
( plus extra to coat them )1 egg yolk
3 tsp vanilla extract
(yes, not less)30ml Cointreau or brandy
200g finely chopped blanched almonds
(I use less -only 150 gr)300g strong white flour (bread flour)1/2 tsp baking powderH O W :Beat the butter, zest and icing sugar until smooth and light then beat in the yolk, vanilla and Cointreau or brandy.

Stir in the almonds then add the flour and baking powder and work to a smooth dough.
Pinch nuggets of dough from the bowl, about the size of small unshelled walnut (20g each one ) and roll these between your hands to make smooth balls. They freeze well at this point.

Line a couple of baking trays with non-stick paper or foil then space the balls about 2 - 3 cm apart.
Heat the oven to 160C and bake for 30 minutes. Sift more icing sugar into a bowl, toss in the hot biscuits a 3-4 at a time so they coat then cool on a paper-lined tray with a little more icing sugar sieved over the top.
Thanks to Dan Lepard for his wonderful recipe !!!


Anonymous said...

hi chanit, ma nishma?

I want to recommended to the Israelis the "Shkediya" and to the Americans "Almondie" because they are the healthiest form of almond butter around... they are the only ones that take off the thin layer around the actual white almond which is really bad for the digestive system... bete'avon! they are at

Chanit Harel said...

Thank you !
Have a great week .

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