July 18, 2012

Pommarola - Salsa di pomodoro - Tomato Sauce

Pommarola - Salsa di pomodoro - Tomato Sauce:
Late at night, I've got planty of small and fresh tomatoes... adding (fresh) basil (red) onion, one carrot, and minced garlic cloves.. and quickly I was cooking this tomato sauce.
Pommarola - this is Italian style tomato sauce . The Italian call it also Salsa di pomodoro.
It's basic tomato sauce . Use this sauce for various pasta dishes, pizzas, etc.

Pommarola sauce is made of fresh tomatoes, olive oil, garlic, carrot, basil leaves, onions (white or red/purple), salt and black pepper, that's all you need.
Which tomatoes to use? any tomato will be fine . Small-sized tomatoes - as photographed here are the best and they are even tastier.  
Don't work too hard with this sauce ... cut each tomato into large pieces and put them in a bowl.
Using amount of 1.7 kilo tomatoes , I've gor 1 kilo of sauce.

You can vary this sauce with herbs, we love it this way- simple and tasty . 

6 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil
6 cloves of garlic, peeled and crushed
1 medium carrot, peeled and diced
1 Cup fresh basil leaves, sliced
1 large onion (red or white) chopped  - you can increase the amount of onion to 1 cup onion
1.7 Kilo tomatoes cut into pieces
Salt - I put a half teaspoon salt
black pepper , ground  to taste

H O W :
Heat  the olive oil in a large pot .
Add : garlic, carrot, half the basil leaves and onion.
Cook on medium/low heat for about 25 minutes or until the carrots are tender, stirring occasionally.
Now add the tomato pieces and cook, stirring occasionally about 40-50 minutes.
Remove from flame and add the remaining basil leaves, stir.
Cool the sauce a few minutes.
Grind into a puree in a food processor or mixer. (can be done in few rounds).
Return the sauce to the heat , cook for 25-30 minutes, stir occasionally.
If the sauce is too thick, thin with a little water.
Season the sauce with salt and freshly ground black pepper.
Cool slightly , transfer the sauce in the refrigerator (up to 5 days) or freez it .
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Anonymous said...

These are probably the most beautifl pictures of tomatoes I have ever seen. You have generaly great pictures on this blog!

11:04 AM, September 30, 2012

Pujita Cookeries said...

Dear friend,saw your blog and the posts,very appreciable.Seems to be easy to prepare.wish you all the best.

Stephanie Ann said...

I am Italian and this recipe looks fantastic. The basil looks so tasty. I can almost smell it through my computer screen.

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