December 26, 2005

Mom's Studenten brot Recipe עוגת התפוחים של אמא ולחם הסטודנטים של אמא


Baking This Wonderful "Blitz-Schokokuchen" or 'The 200 cake' again. עוגת שוקולד המאתיים
200 gr chocolate (50%)
200 gr butter
200 gr sugar
200 gr ground nuts
1 ts +1/4 ts baking powder
1 ts vanilla
4 eggs room temp.
Preheat the oven to 160C

Melt the butter+chocolate.Mix the chocolate mixture, add sugar, nuts,baking powder,vanilla, and finally the eggs, beat well after each egg.. pour into a 26cm round baking dish. bake for 40-45 minutes.

Very Easy Apple Cake עוגת תפוחים של אמא

7 apples
3 eggs
1 1/2 cups sugar
1/2 cup oil
2 cups AP flour
2 ts baking powder
Any other fruit can be added, like :plums, apricots, peachs.. and more.
Preheat the oven to 180C (350f)
Cut peeled Apples into round bakind dish. (add some golden sugar)
Mix :eggs+oil+sugar.
Add flour mixed with baking powder.
Pour over fruit.Bake 45-50 minutes until done

from grandma+grandpa..many years ago !

"Mom's Studenten brot" לחם הסטודנטים של אמא וסבתא גם
What to make with extra egg whites? ,Extra I mean more than one or two..

I realy have no extra egg whites right now, but Mom reminds me of her "Studenten brot", It's a family recipe, my grandma Dora used to bake this cake, many years ago.
I realy don't know how this wonderful cake got this name.. It means " student Bread" , even I'ts a Cake ,anyway..I like this name.. and I love the cake..!
I hope to bake mom's cake as soon as I get 7 Egg Whites !

Mom's Studenten brot Recipe :
7 egg whites
7 TB sugar
7 TB flour
7 TB oil
1/2 lemon juice+grated peel
raisins, Candied Orange Peel, chocolate in small pieces.. as you wish .. that's all !
Preheated the oven to 170C .Whip the egg whites , than add the sugar.
Mix the flour with all other ingradients ,
Mix all together (add the oil if you want to)
Bake until done (for 50-60 minutes [In a round small baking dish or in a long one).


ostwestwind said...

How many Studenten - students will lose their live ;-)? Sounds interesting. I only knew "Studentenfutter", a mixture of nuts and raisins to feed students.

chanit said...

I've just told Mom about your new SITE (!)I hope she'll visit you too.
The banana cake - has 2 egg whites, so,It reminds mom of her 'studenten brot'= a cake ! (recipe soon!) also she told me about that "studentenfutter" ! -few years ago, visiting Germany Wir haben das gekauft und gegessen[ich hope das is not wrong geschrieben = written ;) ]

avital said...

Chanit, if you can't wait to bake your Mom's cake, I've got some recipes to use your extra egg yolks: for example, i posted yesterday a recipe for "creme catalane" in my blog, but i also have recipe for cookies using only egg yolk and even a french specialty, "le gâteau battu".
Hanoucca samea'h

Fran said...

Wish I could just dive right into my monitor--this all looks so delicious!

chanit said...

avital Hi !
Thank you for all your great Ideas, hope to use them soon.
Love your Blog, soon we'll be in mine 'Favorites Link list'
Love the hanuka pics Too !
Happy holiday to you Too :-)

chanit said...

Thank you fran ! ;)

Lera said...

Any fruit based bake is my fav, chanit this looks delicious!

chanit said...

Thank you lera ! ;)

amy said...

i made your very easy apple cake for shabbat and it was a huge hit. i made it in a 9 x 13" pan and i forgot to sprinkle sugar on the apples but it was soooo good. i am going to make it again this friday. thank you so much for all your great recipes.-amy:^)

chanit said...

Hi amy
I'm glad to read thank you !! ;)

sara said...

hi there chanit!made your easy apple cake and came out great.just added some lemon juice to chopped apples and a little cinammon on top of them ( sorry,buti'm one of those who likes to adapt recipes) and some sultana to know about your blog via burekaboy's one.great blogs those of you two!Many thanks from spain;)

allison said...

Shalom/Peace, or Assalam o alaikum, which means Peace be upon you, in Arabic.

Thank you Chanit,
You must be a WONDERFUL cook. I love your page. Inshallah, God-willing, I will try some of your recipes. Thank you for taking the time to share.
I am a Canadian Ahmadi Muslim living in Georgia. Studentenfutter is a German recipe for potatoes and eggs, which I inherited, anyway. I'm not sure why it's in my family. Perhaps because my granny was a Mutter!?
My son is drooling over your food...must bake.Thanks again.

Eleven European Mystics said...

hi, from TLV, looking for good and simple autumn recipes, came across your wonderful blog. Nehedar!

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