December 16, 2005

Eating Salep and more...

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7 -" Biscotto Bake-athon " Thank you ,messycucina for this great Post !I'm sending you a green/red/pink smiley for a nice day - :-)
Making Sahlep/ Salep -from a quick Mix.. סחלב, כמה אנו אוהבים סחלב
You can make real Salep at home, if you have "Salep powdered root of orchis mascula "=that white powder, I'm not sure this quick mix is the real one, but this pudding has a good taste, not like other milk puddings.. you can eat it worm(Or just drinking it..), as we did or cold ,the next day or later. As I know ,the Salep powder is hard to get and It's not cheap.You can cook Salep by adding cornflour+sugar+rose-water to the milk (or a mixture of milk and water/or milk and cream)
You can add any kind of nuts you want - pistachio - are The Best..!
It's a kind of ' comfort food' for us, staying at home ,eating worm Salep (with brown sugar on top) and hearing the winds blowing Outside :-)
[ Hebrew recipe - soon in English] + here


Kalyn said...

Is this a type of pudding? I've never heard of it before.

chanit said...

Hi kalyn !
Yes ,this is a milk pudding,with
"Salep"-powdered root (of orchis mascula),I've put a link to a real Salep recipe (I didn't try it!)
Thanks for your comment ;)

Anonymous said...

This chicken looks fine...
I think I ate already half of it.
and the salad is good as well.

Thanks mom!

chanit said...

Thank you my Dear !
תודה מותק,אני משתדלת,כרגע מלקקת את השאריות האחרונות, ואני רעבה
עדיין, אוהבת המון, אמא :-)

darlamay said...

Hey! I'm sorry I just noticed you linked to my biscotti post a few weeks back! Glad you liked it. I like your blog, I've mentioned in my blog before that eastern food intimidates me, so I'm always looking for recipes to get my feet wet!

chanit said...

Very nice to see you here,darlamay- Thank you ;)

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