January 24, 2006

Some new pics from my Home town

Nature- Can you See The Beauty Here ? יפי הטבע, לא נגענו, רק המצלמה


Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Nice flowers!

chanit said...

The sea-shore was empty.. It was So quiet outside, a free-day full with pictures.. [but were is the sun?..]
Thank you rosa ! :-)

Ivonne said...

What beautiful photographs!

Chanit, looking at these it makes me think of spring. And right now here in Canada we are in the middle of winter ... cold!!!

You have a lovely blog and I will be visiting often!

chanit said...

Hi ivonne !
It's winter here, rainy days, not very cold,No snow ,
[There was never snow in my home-town :-( ]
But 2 days ago, was a Spring day..
so..here are some pic I love :-)
Thank you ,You're always Welcome !

Lera said...

Chanit, It's beautiful......love roses a lot :)

chanit said...

Thank you lera,
I love them Too :-)

sailu said...

Wow simply superb,Chanit.
I just love all your food and pictures.

chanit said...

I Thank you So much, sailu :-)

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