January 28, 2006

Olive Rolls from Cyprus לחמניות זיתים מקפריסין

Ok..after eating half roll (they are realy very big), I can tell you - Eliotes(thanks to avital) has a nice name.. and are realy tasty.
I like the wholemeal flour addition , It's more healthy and It gives a fine texture to those rolls.
Next time .. [yes, there will be next time!) I'll add the herbs and more olives [Even kalamata olives are uncommon here , don't ask me why:-( ]

Makes 8 rolls
2 1/2 ts dried active yeast
300 ml warmed water
1 ts sugar (caster sugar)
500 gr strong white flour
125 gr wholemeal flour
1 ts each dried mint & oregano (I didn't add them..)
1 1/2 ts sea salt + extra to sprinkle
3 TB extra virgin olive oil +extra to drizzle
175 gr kalamata olives,pitted [I didn't have kalamata olives :-( ]
1.Dissolve the yeast in the warmed water,stir in sugar and leave to froth in a warm place for 10 minutes.
2. Sift the flour into the bowl of a mixer,stir in the herbs and salt. gradually work in the frothed yeast mixture and oil to form a soft dough, adding a little extra warm water, if necessary. knead for 8-10 minutes until the dough is smooth and elastic.
3. Finely chop 25 gr of the pitted olives and slice the rest.(I didn't do this ..), transfer the dough to a lightly floured surface and work in the chopped olives . shape into a ball,place in an oiled bowl,cover and leave to rise for 1 hour until doubled in size.
4. Knock back the dough, divide into 8 and shape each one into a flat round.
place a spoonful of the remaining olives in the center of the dough,pull up and pinch the edges together to seal and shape into rolls.
5. Place the rolls seam side down on a baking sheet, cover and leave for 35-45 minutes (1 hour..), until doubled in size.drizzle the rolls with a little oil,sprinkle over some sea salt and bake in a preheated oven- 220C (425F), for 20-25 minutes, until risen and golden.cool on a wire rack.


Yes, It's right - I didnt add all the olives amount, that's the reason It's hardly seen.. but these rolls are very tasty with few olives in.. ! :-)
בצק לשמונה לחמניות זיתים :2.5 כפיות שמרים יבשים,300 מ"ל מים פושרים,כפית סוכר או אבקת סוכר, חמש מאות גרם קמח ללחם,125 גרם קמח מלא,לפי בחירה- ולא חובה ניתן להוסיף כפית אורגנו יבש ונענע יבשה,כפית וחצי מלח גס, וגם מלח גס לזריה,175 גרם זיתי קלמטה קצוצים- אני שמתי פחות

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Ivonne said...


Those look delicious! Thank you for sharing!

avital said...

Wow Chanit, i'm amazed by all the breads you've been baking these days!! I think it's great and once you get used to the wonderful smell and the great taste, you won't be able to stop, believe me! I've tested this wonderful Elioti bread a few month ago (although the recipe was slightly different http://sandrakavital.blogspot.com/2005/10/pain-chypriote-elioti.html) and the addition of onions was really a good idea, you could eat the bread for meal with nothing else!!

sailu said...

Chanit,I wish we were neighbours.I would love to visit your country one day..:)

chanit said...

Thank you !
I like those 'Huge' rolls :-)

Yes, I thing the same as you, I think baking Breads is a creative work.. !
Thanks, I'll check the link later, It's interesting, all the Bread and rolls and bun sorts and versions.
I thing all your Breads (and all the others) are very professional,
Thank you :-)

sailu ,
It's a good Idea, you shell cook.. and I'll bring some Breads or cookies, as you'll wish.. :-)
You are always Welcome to my country .
Thank you.

Melissa CookingDiva said...

Wow, the olive bread looks fantastic! HUgs from Panama :)

chanit said...

Hi Melissa and Welcome !
I'm glad to see you here,
Thank you for your comment ;)
I send you Hugs Too :-)

Isil S. said...

These olive rolls must be awesome!

chanit said...

Thank you isil s. ! :)

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