April 14, 2006

Passover 2006 - III

I'll start and say this cake is realy wonderful , no cake has been left, and paasover isn't over...so here we are with an old and easy to bake cake recipe, good to bake it not only in 8 passover days.
The cake is Light, fat reduced, sugar too.. with 2 nice and very tasty textures , I love her color too :-)

Sorry, I know the picture is not perfect .Passover Coconut-Nut Cake [Hebrew לעברית לחץ]
25 cm round cake pan
Preheat the oven to 350F (180C)
6 eggs
1 1/2 cups sugar (less 2 TB..)
150 gr coconut
150 gr nuts ,chopped
2 TB oil
3 TB cocoa
3 TB cognac
3 TB matzoh cake meal [or replace with dry bread crumbs not for paasover]1 ts baking powder
Beat the eggs + sugar, in a mixer for 8 minutes.
Put 1/3 of this mixture in a seperate bowl.Add coconut and nuts.
To the ather 2/3 mixture add:oil, the brandy (or rum),cocoa , baking powder, the matzoh meal and mix.Pour half of the dark mixture into the pan ,over it the coconut mixture, finish with the rest of the dark mixture. Bake for 40-45 minutes. [The red scale is my very old Tanita's scale,it was my dad's and I love it, as I love 'antique ' in my kitchen.. :-) ]

Spécial de Pâques 2006 - Lapin de Pâques en gâteau [FR] nice for kids + Easter Crafts
Ms.Glaze's pommes d'Amour
Potato Cakes (with sour cream anf fried onion)
Come and visit a wonderful Blog:
Yield: 23 servings
2 Egg whites
1/2 ts Vanilla
ds Salt
2/3 c Sugar
1 1/3 c Flaked coconut
Full Recipe Please bake the cookies 15 minutes , not 20 like I did, but they are crisp and nice...
Freundin rezepte [freundin magazine recipes from Germany]


sailu said...

Picture not perfect,Chanit?I want to grab a piece off the screen..:)

wheresmymind said...

Oh...I LOVE macaroons! Looks like something I could make :)

chanit said...

Thank you sailu :-)

Hi 'wheresmymind'
,Welcome and thank you for your comment,
I love your nickname, your Blog, the photos- Food & yours.. :-)
I can't post any comments on your Blog :-(

Ms. Glaze said...

Thanks so much for the shout out! I love your site – the pics and the recipes are incroyable. Can't wait to share your blog with my friends at school.

Ms. Glaze

chanit said...

Thank you Ms. Glaze !!
and Welcome ! :-)

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