July 1, 2006

Pirogen - Step By Step פירוגן שלב אחר שלב של בוקששטר**

As far as I can remember pirogen was a family favorite for us, the ultimate comfort food for everyone. This delicacy dish was made for the weekend or for any other celebration. Pirogen are like raviolli and are known in some other names like : kreplach,or perogi… I think the dough makes all the difference.. all the others are made with a pasta dough (flour + eggs + water), this one is made with potatoes puree.. in it .Even everyone in my family loved those pirogen, I think for the next time I'll roll the dough on a table,so it becomes thiner and I'll cut it smaller… but believe me in any shape ..this is a very tasty dish, just ask my father..
Mom's original dough was made like this: for every cup of AP flour, add 1 cup of mushed potatoes and 1 egg, ,the dough is very tasty, but it is wet and not easy to handle.
But ..years ago , an Israeli cooking program with a film from
romania ,gave mom an Idea she can make the dough in another way this was a very interasting way. She mixed flour with salt and water , to a soft dough, and then she added potatoes puree… the dough was filled with potatoes and Bulgarian cheese and again cooked in salted boiling water.
Mom was very enthusiastic..she decided to give this recipe a try, and yes it was a success,I can't find the hebrew recipe on the net anymore it was on the old site of: Teamim , not the new one , but again, mom was very helpful ,she send me this recipe by mail. ! SO, if you want to make Pirogen by yourself , as we do.

Pirogen Recipe - For the dough :1 kg AP flour, 4 large potatoes (=600 gr cooked and mushed potatoes), 1 ts salt, 2 or -2 1/4 cups water (or milk, but I use water)
My filling: puree from 3 or 4 very large potatoes ,salt , pepper and 2 onions, fried.
The original filling : 1/2 cup oil, 1 onion, puree from 2 potatoes, 250-300 gr Bulgarian cheese
For the dough:
In a large bowl mix flour +salt, add 2 cups water (or 2 1/4 cups water ) make a soft dough, now add the potato puree(4 potatoes=600gr puree) and knead for few minutes until you get an homogeneous dough; Roll the dough as thin as you can, on a well floured surface, cut into small squares.
If you make
potatoes filling, like I did,just mix the puree from 3 or 4 large potatoes with salt,pepper and 2 onions ,which has been chopped anf fried before.If you use the potato-cheese filling, just mix everything .Put 1 ts from the filling on each square.Fold and tighten the ends, cook in boiling and salted water for 15 minutes ; strain and serve with olive oil and fried onion or with any sauce you like. you get lot of pirogen from this recipe .
The original recipe includes a sauce which is made from:1 onion + 250 ml whipping cream (32 or 38% fat)+1/2 cup flour+1/2 cup water) I hope you'll like this recipe as we do !! :-) פירוגן או פירוגי

קילו קמח, 4 תפוחי - אדמה מבושלים ומרוסקים, חלב או מים (הכמות לפי ספיגה) כפית שטוחה של מלח
מצרכים למילוי : ½ כוס שמן, 1 בצל קצוץ דק, 2 תפו"א מבושלים מרוסקים, 250 -300 גרם גבינה בולגרית
לרוטב שמנת :בצל 1 גביע שמנת מתוקה,½ כוס קמח, ½ כוס מים
להכנת המלית

 מטגנים את הבצל. בקערה מערבבים מחצית מהבצל המטוגן עם הגבינה, שמן והפירה תפוחי אדמה
להכנת הבצק
מערבבים קמח, מלח ומים לפי ספיגה לבצק דביק. מוסיפים את תפוחי האדמה. לשים היטב את הכל לבצק. מרדדים במערוך וחותכים לריבועים גדולים. מניחים במרכז כל ריבוע מהמלית. מקפלים לצורת משולש ומהדקים בעזרת האצבעות. מבשלים את הכיסונים בסיר עם מים רותחים בערך 15 דקות
להכנת רוטב השמנת
 מוסיפים ליתרת הבצל המטוגן קמח ושמנת מתוקה. מבשלים תוך כדי ערבוב ליצירת רביכה. מוסיפים מעט מים ומבשלים כמה דקות על אש נמוכה לקבלת רוטב סמיך. מגישים את הכיסונים בליווי רוטב השמנת
המתכון פורסם לפני שנים בתוכניתו של צחי בוקששטר, את ביקרה התוכנית ברומניה. אמא הכינה בזמנו ושמחה לגלות בצק נהדר לרידוד
הערות למתכון :מים השתמשתי בכ-2 ורבע כוסות,600 גרם פירה לבצק
More pirogen ... עוד פירוגן או פירוגי או כיסנים מבושלים
** Pierogi - Here
** Alanna's Nana's Peroghies - Here


sher said...

Yummm! If only you'd told me, I would have hopped on a plane to help you eat those!!! They look delicious.

chanit said...

Hi and Welcome sher !
some pirogen were left in the freezer,can this help ? ... ;)
thanks for your comment.I love your Blog.

~ Sarah ~ said...

looks delicious?

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad I happened upon your blog by chance. Many of your recipes are very near and dear to my husband's mother's recipes. These potato pierogis w/ Bulgarian cheese sounds like comfort food!

chanit said...

Thank you and welcome ! :-)

beanfromex said...

Thank you for posting pictures with this recipe. I shall try them..and let you know how they work here in southern mexico.

chanit said...

Thank you beanfromex and Welcome !
Please let me know if you like them as we do ,
Thanks for visiting ! :-)

Anonymous said...

My gran,other and great-grandmother from Hungary/Slovakia used to make a pyrogens with a potato dough like this. I lost the recipe and and delighted to have found yours. Their recipe used potato flakes rather than real mashed potatoes (probably a modern addition) for the dough and was sometimes filled with sour cherries and sometimes with potatoes and onions. I can't wait to try this one day when I have the time!

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