May 23, 2007

Will you make a cheese with me ?.. It's Shavuot today !
I'm often asked about replacing the Israeli white cheese in my cheesecake recipes with any american cheese; The common cream cheese can't always replace the Israeli soft -white cheese.This white and soft cheese is a very popular cheese here, you can find it everywhere , that is a low fat cheese, only 5% or 9% fat (but you can find even 1/2% + 1% +3% fat cheese), we eat or use it for our cheesecakes, here in Israel.I hope you've notice, I love home-made food, less industrialized food is better for me, I even don't buy my bread [but the butter, yes :-) ], so.. for today's holiday(the white holiday) - Shavuot, I decided to make my cheese at home, in that easy way,without milk or withour and cooking , that way my mom use to make for years, even yesterday.

All you need is:600ml pasteurized cultured milk (4.5% fat ) and 200 ml pasteurized sour cream (15% fat) (pinch salt can be added) . 1 soft cotten cloth (100% cotton ), two bowls -a large one and a smaller bowl+ a small strainer.

Stir up the cultured milk and the sour cream (+salt) in the large bowl
Place a sterile soft cotten cloth in a small strainer suspended over a small sized bowl , Pour in the cultured milk-sour cream mixture
lift the four corners of the cloth , turn and tie them
refrigerat for one night... your cotten cloth slowly.. you've got a cheese !!
here are the leftover cheese-water..
you can roll some cheese balls in za'atar , like I did.. OR use this cheese in a Israeli cheesecake recipe... ;-)
שלושה אשל+מיכל אחד שמנת חמוצה, קורט מלח,לערבב, לשים בחיתול בד, לקשור, לתוך מסננת,מתחת קערה, למקרר ללילה אחד ויש גבינה's not raining now.. but I love this song , please listen to :Jose Feliciano - Rain

José Feliciano

Listen to the pouring rain
listen to it pour,
And with every drop of rain
You know I love you more

Let it rain all night long,
let my love for you go strong,
as long as we`re together
who cares about the weather?.....


chemcookit said...

Dear Chanit,
thank you so much for posting a comment on my blog, so I got to know yours! I'm so happy! I really really love it, I love your recipes from all over the world and your pictures! I'm also a flower lover.
As for this particular post, I'm really interested in making my own cheese. What is 'pasturized cultured milk' exactly? Is it yogurt? I'd really like to try this recipe.
At last: did you see my blog event 'fresh produce of the month' (it's one of the posts of May 19th)? I'd be really honored if you wanted to participate. This month's theme is lemons, and I saw you are also a lemon lover! (I found your lemon jam recipe, similar to mine!)
Take care

Texas Chef said...

So you make cheese, too. I used to enjoy my Mom's weekly cheese. We had lots of milk so she made it often. One way we used it was she made home-made yeast rolls, punched little holes in the middle and put the cheese and raisins inside and baked. Talk about good.

Roberto said...

I'm sure the cheese you get there is loved by many, just look at that turtle ready to take a bite!

chanit said...

Dear Marta,
You're very welcome !
I love your Blog so much, and I'm sure I going to try evey recipe you make or bake.the fist to try.. will be your wonderful Breads.
The 'pasturized cultured milk' is like buttermilk but thicker, it's full of water, so when you mix it with sour-cream and drain all the water out of it.. you got a cheese, not a profession recipe for cheese, but very tasty on fresh Bread. ;)
Thanks for letting me know about that blog event . :-)

chanit said...

Dear texas chef
Welcome and thanks for all the information about home-made cheeses, here and by mail ;)

chanit said...

Thanks roberto ! .. ;)

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