April 11, 2008

What to read - where to visit today

1.Todo caserito 2 - it's Mar's Food Blog [above:mar's pic] בלוג אוכל מארגנטינה
Mar lives in Argentina ,she's a food blogger since January 2006.
Google translating (spanish to english) helps me understand/read her Blog; Her posts are wonderful, her photoes -a great Artwork !, please don't miss ANY post in her Blog !-not only Food [thank you mar :-)]

2. above :"Be a better baker"
You can add these free resources to your baking library- many
PDF Booklets for you:
Free Baking Guides + other Free Recipe Collections [The Prepared pantry+above pic from their site]

3. Now : a big surprise !- it's Tea and wheaten bread Blog ! [above pic is from her Blog]
As written in the Blog: "Home Cooking With a View of the Garden and Other Craic"
+ "My two great passions in life are cooking and gardening. I hope to combine both on this blog. Come on in and enjoy the adventure with me.." - Yes, like me !
This Blog is new, you'll feel like coming home again ..-
just here

4. Please, don't say :NO ,it's Top tastes site
as written in this site :"..All our recipes are TRIED and TESTED either in our own kitchens or by our readers."-
visit them , will you find your next recipe there? [+ Italian and Mexican Meals ]-above pasta pic from this site (as you can see, there are no new updates in this site for 3-4 years, but the index is good)

5. Above :" fondant au chocolat au coulis de fruits rouges" : I can eat this sweet now ...- here is the chef recipe+ video /Cuisinez commeun chef site(above photo from this site)

6. Above : "Heritage recipes - Sharing old family recipes and traditions "
as written in this site: "..What are recipe cards, recipes on scraps of paper in a kitchen drawer or old cookbooks with notes in the margin?..These are more than just recipes. These heritage recipes - our links with our past and our connections to special people and special events .." - read more- here

מה דעתכם על הכנת ממרח נוטלה בייתי? -לא ,לא זה התעשייתי המכיל גם שומן מוצק..בתמונה למעלה ,המוקטנת , הלקוחה מבלוג האוכל של יערה, שנולד בחודשים האחרונים ממש- בדצמבר 2007 ,תוכלו לגלות איך מכינים את הממרח הטעים הזה שהוא גם כשר לפסח,תמצאו אצלה עוד הרבה מטעמים מגוונים,מצולמים בחן רב. יערה שרי- דיאטנית קלינית היא בעלת הבלוג:בישולוג- בישול עם היגיון.סקרתי את הבלוג ,כל החודשים אחורה גם ,אהבתי וכתבתי על כך ליערה בבלוג שלה- קחו הצצה, ממש פה

Today's song : The Monkees - Daydream Believer


Mar said...

Chanit I received a message from a person who read my blog and yours, where I said that visit your page that would take me a nice surprise.
A pity that I had not left his address to answer your message, perhaps see this and write me again.
I have to tell you that I also visited, but I do not write much because my English is very basic, also with the help of a translator I interpret your google lindísimas recipes.
I was moved to see and read what you have written, thank you with all my heart and fills me with joy.
Receive a great affection and a thousand thank you for the pleasant surprise to know that I still long and thanks also to the translator from Google that helps us both!.

Chanita Harel חני הראל said...

Dear mar ,
Thank you for your warm words,it's my pleasure .
(I know many Israeli visitors/readers can enjoy your Blog without any translation help.)

Thanks for a professional Food Blog ! :)

Anonymous said...

הי חנית!!
אני משוטטת בבלוג שלך להנאתי- ולפתע מוצאת שם משהו מוכר...
אז תודה רבה על ההפניה,

שבת שלום!


Chanita Harel חני הראל said...

הי יערה

כייף לראותך כאן, לעונג לי
המשך שבת נפלאה

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