May 16, 2009

Prunes Ice Cream גלידת שזיפים

Prunes Ice cream גלידת שזיפים יבשים וברנדי

3 days ago I was looking for Nira Rousso's Hebrew Cookbook: "Dairy delicacies" .I couldn't find this book ,until yesterday.This Cookbook was standing on one of my Cookbook's shelves.. ; anyway ,I took the book with me when I was on my way to my work day.On page 82 I've found an interesting recipe for a prunes Ice cream.Let's talk first about the first step:

How to make the prunes sauce,which is this Ice cream base.This Sauce is delicious as a base to other sweets too.Here is how: use 30 pitted (stoned) prunes , 1 / 2 cup brandy, 1 / 2 cup sherry brandy or Cream de cassis as I use,1/2 cup sugar and 2 / 3 cup water .
Cook everything together for 15-20 this sauce for 15 minutes. המתכון המלא לגלידת השזיפים נמצא- כאן
Step 2: ground the prunes sauce (prunes with the liquids) until you get a smooth paste. My small food processor did it for me . Now , put this paste into a medium size bowl. Add 1 ts. vanilla essence and 1 package of 250 grams soft white cheese 5-9% fat ( maybe Ricotta cheese can replace the Israeli soft and white cheese). Mix only slightly.
In a separate bowl whip up 250 ml sweet double cream with 2 TB icing sugar until stiff.
Fold the whipped cream into prunes-cheese mixture .
Freezer at least one night .

Prunes Ice cream
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Justine said...

I secretly love prunes, so this sounds great : )

Katerina ante portas said...

Delicious! A summer greeting!

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