November 6, 2009

Dad's Bean and Cabanossi Soup מרק השעועית של אבא

Bean and Pepperoni Cabanossi Soup מרק השעועית של אבא

It's a post about the soup my father loved So much .
Bean soup with Cabanossi and lot of garlic. Mom used to prepare this soup for years only in winter. I asked my mother today if this soup was born in my grandmother home (my father's mother) or her home, the answer is uncertain (yet)... This week as I sat with mom talking I've asked her to tell me all the secrets of this comforting soup. and she told me ..
My mom's tips were very helpful couse I've never cooked this soup before.
Today in our small kitchen ,after a while I could smell that familiar smell ..spreading all over the house.. I knew I did it ! that's our family favorite winter soup . Like My Dad use to eat for many years.Thank you mom :-)

Bean and Pepperoni Cabanossi Soup מרק שעועית - המתכון בעברית

List of ingredients:Borlotti Beans (dry) 380- 400 grams= 2.25 cups
Onion - 1 medium
Pepperoni Cabanossi 4 to 5 sticks = 200gr
small shaped Pasta - 2 handfuls of pasta
Salt - 1 st.
fresh ground black pepper - to taste

Beans:We like to use Borlotti Beans as they are smaller then other beans and have nice can use any Beans you like (but not too big in size)
A night before cooking the soup:Wash the beans and soak them in a lot of water in a big bowl .
Use a medium-sized onion and chop it fine. (My mother would sometimes also add a little carrot cubes).
All Cabanossi kinds will be fine for this soup, even more fatty Cabanossi.Today I use Pepperoni Cabanossi . slice it into medium-thick slices.
Garlic :More is better .. (5-7 or more garlic cloves)
Pasta:Use small size pasta . For example: small shells. we'll add the pasta toward the end of cooking.
Salt :
Add only towards the end of cooking for 2 reasons - : my mother's tips:
- Not to bother the beans to soften .
- Cabanossi is salty. you can allways add salt .but too much salt is not tasty..
Fresh ground black Pepper :
Add towards the end of cooking to taste.
Preparing the soup:

After a night of soaking ,rinse the beans well in tap water.
Put the beans in a large pot (6-8 liters) cover with lot of water and bring to a boil .
Cover and cook the beans over a medium flame for approximately 40 minutes or until beans are almost completely soft. (If formed foam should be removed)
Add the chopped onion and the Cabanossi and continue cooking for 15 minutes in the covered cooking pot .
Add the pasta (if the soup is very thick - add boiling water as needed)
Continue to cook the soup for about 12-15 minutes more or until the pasta is completely soft (again, the pasta absorbs liquid, now you can also dilute the soup with some more boiling water, cook for another minute not more).
add salt and pepper to taste.
Remove the soup from the flame. Now add the crushed garlic (a lot) mix and cover. (after adding the garlic - don't cook the soup more!)

You can serve this soup hot like a main warm dish . It's our comfort - satisfying soup, I hope you'll like it as we do !.
Bon appetit!

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אני, למרות הכל said...

יאמי. אני זוכרת את המרק גם מהבית...כשהצלחו להשיג קבאנוס ;)

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