September 3, 2005

Torta Millefoglie עוגת קרם שניט

Torta Millefoglie” -VICENZI VERONA- ITALY
Today I made again the “Torta Millefoglie”, It's SO easy to prepare , and SO fine ! - The picture is taken from this site
There are "3 PUFF PASTRY BASES FOR CAKES" in every package"Excellent, high quality puff pastry base studied on purpose for the preparation of the classic “Torta Millefoglie”; crispy base ready for being filled"-taken also from the same site, and it's TRUE.
Vicenzi is one of the most recognized and treasured brands in all of Italy,since 1905,There are many quality products from VICENZI -VERONA ,take a look
here ,h
ere in Israel we can find the Puff Pastry in every food store.More about VICENZI family ; You can also make Tiramisú with Vicenzovo, OK to make Torta Millefoglie you need: קרם שניטRecipe is taken from the 'back' of this package:-
For The Pastry cream:

3 egg yolks
0.5l milk
100g sugar
80g flour
a pinch of salt
I put 1 ts. vanilla not lemon peel

Whisk egg yolks, sugar and flour together.
Pour in part of the milk in order to obtain a smooth cream
Add salt and vanilla and the remaining milk very slowly.
Cook over moderate heat and keep mixing until thickened.
Spread over one puff pastry cake base part of the cooled pastry cream.
Cover it with a second puff pastry cake base.
Spread the remaining pastry cream and put on the third puff pastry base upside down.
Cover the cake with powdered sugar.
Bon-Appetit !
Important ! :-)
Leave some TB of cream in the pan, so you can LICK them, when NOBODY is around, like
I'm doing now :-)


Rabbit Sim said...

Where is your picture? Still without camera?

chanit said...

yes,my dear son,comes back on wednesday with the camera.
But.. the cake looks like the pic above, we were 7, ate more than half.

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