November 20, 2005

IMBB/SHF - Cookie-Swap 2005

מקבצי עוגיות נפלאות מסביב לעולם


Indira said...

Hi Chanit! Thank you for commenting in my blog - I'm so happy to have found yours! It's beautiful and I have now so many recipes to copy.:)-
I particularly liked the 'Mamoul' recipe, I am going to try that one definitely.

chanit said...

Dear indira,
Thank you !!
The Mamoul is realy good and the dough is easy to make too ! hope you'll love them . :-)

ostwestwind said...

I'm looking for some interesting cookies, do you participate?

chanit said...

Hi !
There are so many recipes...
Please look at the 'Coconut Rocks'-the recipe is in the next post,hope to give more good recipes,later . ;)
* I'm always surprised when I visit your site, and I'm visiting Often,great and WONDERFUL things you're making in your kitchen ,I realy think your site is one of the Best !

אילנה said...

Great Blog! So glad I found you. and a Hebrew recipes blog as well - what a good idea.

chanit said...

הי אילנה
תודה על תגובתך
ותודה שציינת את הבלוג החדש שלי -שעדיין לא מסודר לגמרי..- באתר המקסים באמת שלך
בהזדמנות אשמח ללמוד ממך איך מעבירים קישור דרך תמונה.
Thank you !

rowena said...

Oh goodness! A cookie swap??? I'll have to check out the link right away. It's nice to be online again!!!

chanit said...

rowena , Welcome back !
Waiting to read your new posts !:-)

ilva said...

And I'm happy too for having found you!Thanks for your visit! You have really great recipes hyere1

chanit said...

Ilva-Lucullian Thanks and Welcome !!
Love your Blog ! [soon in my favorite Blog-List] ;)

Anonymous said...

Hi Chanit--
I am so glad to have found your blog. I love it. Everything looks delicious. I have orange trees and now would like to make your cake.

chanit said...

Hi Fran, Welcome and Thank you :-)

ostwestwind said...

My site is now working, just in time for the swap. I tested a lot of recipes, I have to decide between three, or I do them all.

chanit said...

Hi !!
I was wondering about your site and you, just wanted to send you a mail !
I'm reading your site everyday , so I saw your great cookies , Thank you !
I hope your site will not be down anymore :-)
And.. do them all.. ;)

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