July 23, 2006

Ran is cooking...

Mint,Mushrooms, Risoni and Cream...

Ran is cooking for us - yummy !!

Barilla Risoni) למעלה - ריזוני עם פטריות מעשה ידי השף
" Risotto" without rice (with Cooked chicken breast with cucumber, tomatos , onion,mint and lime סלט עוף ,ירקות ונענע
Mom's Sour Cream - peanuts Layer Cake עוגת שמנת ובוטנים- המתכון המשפחתי הסודי ביותר
Sorry, but I have no recipes for above delicacy dishes, nothing was made by me :-)


Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Mmmhh, that makes me hungry, even now at nine in the morning!

chanit said...

Hi rosa !
The leftover cooked chicken breast was mixed with fresh cucumber + tomatos + onion and lime, very very good.(no pic :( )
and even It's 11:00 here.. I can't stop eating this 'salad', I think it's a tasty idea for leftovers..
Thank you ! :-)
* Can you please.. send us some cool weather or any quiet landscape from Switzerland.. your photos are excellent ;)

wheresmymind said...

Waht is that green drink??

chanit said...

It's fresh mint leaves in boiling water, after straining the leaves ran put some sugar or honey in.. very refreshing - cold or hot.
He told me next time he'll add lime or lemon slices
[The chicken breast was also fried (by Ran)in mint leaves !]
Thank you Jeff :-)

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Thanks for the answer... Yes, leftovers are great! Your salad sounds yummylicious.

I'm happy to hear that you like my pictures! I will post some pictures of Switzerland (my area as I can't afford travelling too far at the moment) very soon. Regarding the cool weather ones, unfortunately, it is not so fresh here at the moment (35°+ and I'm hot & sweating) and nature looks all dry and burnt...

chanit said...

Thank rosa,I'm waiting . ;)

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