July 24, 2006

Fudge Brownies Supreme and links

Purslane Green Leaf /Scientific Name: Portulaca oleracea sativa /ריג'לה/פרפחינה
Yesterday I've found an interesting thing, Anat s. (Ort)was cooking with her aunts this kind of green herb, with onions and tomatoes, I thing it looks very tasty, did you eat this kind of greens ? "... It has a slightly sour and salty taste and is eaten throughout much of Europe and Asia..." It's not the kind of Portulaca I'm growing in my samll garden like here ... but as you can read, It's the same family.. ; The Hebrew name is very close to legs couse the leaves are like a foot shape.. When Ran as making again this cold salad ,he found 1 stem of Purslane with the mint leaves...
Fudge Brownies Supreme פאדג' בראוניז"It's too sweet !" , yes It's my family again..everything is too sweet or full with fat.. believe me nobody is realy fatty here.
Are these "
the ultimate brownies" I'll never know until I'll try..
So today ,It's my free day ! and the
brownies are in the oven, now I'm reading (is it too late?...), that elf reduced the sugar yet, but I did it too.. so the total sugar amount is now = 1 cup = 3/4 white sugar + 1/4 golden sugar…I'm curious to see the results ... yes, they are wet and tasty,I've baked them for 30 minutes at all. I will eat another Brownie .. so I can decide if they are the ultimate.. (or maybe these are? )any yes they're not too sweet at all.. :-)
This baby cat.. she was walking there, near my house,small and very cute..her eyes are green.. like my eyes..



wheresmymind said...

awww...that cat is too cute!

chanit said...

Thanks Jeff, I love babies,cute things, and free days like today ;)

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

This cat is a cutie!

elf said...

Glad you liked my brownies! Please let us know how the Recipe Source ones come out. The brownie recipe I posted is my favorite so far, but I'm definitely willing to upgrade if you find one that's really "supernatural!"

Best wishes to you, your family and friends, and your cute fuzzy neighbor. Stay safe!

chanit said...

Thanks rosa :-)


Thanks for the brownie recipe and Welcome ! ;)

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