July 1, 2006

A wonderful site from Italy - Here (+ recipes in PDF format too ) a must visit !

* "fior dizucca" a wonferful Food Blog from Italy - in English
* Visiting : Coconut and Lime Blog - Here and "cakes in the city.. for a sweet world" - Here !!
* Maria Giovanna from Napoli, Campania, Italia has a very tasty Blog, she's the "Passione &Cucina "
* Lickety-split, new ice-cream makers churn out homemade treats/By Gretchen McKay, pittsburgh Post-Gazette
* Breads and buns Italy made? ..
" A diplomat is a man who always remembers a woman's birthday but never remembers her age." /
Robert Frost, American poet
* From Greek : Melitzanes Papoutsakia - Step by Step

Make Ice Cream - Here ; mulberry in Isreal, 20cm long ! - Here

Yes, the summer is here, 30C outside ,I hope he'll not stay forever..the summer here is about 7-8 months long...yes I think it's too long,it's wet and you sweat ..a common weather forecast look like this:It will be hot,with no change..So - let's talk about the weather , again in few months..
A new Baby Blog was born on 6/2006 ,very cute , thanks to Glenna,she has a
fridge full of food and nothing to eat... how nice !
Grandmother's recipes around the world - Here (תודה לסימונה על הקישור)
Panna Cotta with Raspberry Jelly - yummy
Ihre Halbszeitsnacks Anpfiff - fertig, los! - recipes from Germany
Italian Flat Bread לחם איטלקי שטוח

Recipe for 1 loaf-for the dough : 2 ts active dried yeast,250 ml lukewarm water,375 gr AP flour,2 ts salt,4 TB extra virgin olive oil ;mix yeast in water for 15 minutes, add to the flour mixed with salt, add oil and knead for few minutes, Shape dough into a ball, let it rise for 2 hours.Roll into 12in(30 cm)round,leave to rise 30 minutes;then make the holls..bake in preheated oven 400F [200C], 35 minutes. this Focaccia Dough is very good too.

* Eagle Brand new
recipes + Summer Dessert recipes
* French Onion Soup recipe -
* Jaffa Orange Tutti Fruitti Mandelbrot -
* Les Steaks , all you need to
* Hebrew recipes :
פיתה על גריל - חיים כהן + חומוסון-רוני מגדל ומבשל עם פלפלים
* Not Food - "A Heavenly Sky Show on the 4th of July" -
* Plastics get fruity Sugar can provide the raw materials for polystyrene. Philip Ball - Here
* Tort Alcazar - recipe +English recipe + Hebrew
* Playing ..Make your own Music - Here !!! [+How in Hebrew]
" Los Famosos " - a pps file - Here מצגת


Glenna said...

I love the simplicity and simultaneous complexity of yeast bread and olive oil. There's nothing better, unless you want to throw in some roasted garlic. How can something so simple be so good? I think you've just made it so I have to go make bread now. A craving is upon me.

chanit said...

glenna Welcome !!
yes dear , I think the same as you, the simple things are the best,
Thanks for your visit and your comment :-)

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