August 18, 2006

My food news *

Here we come, the weekend is here,how nice.., The summer is too hot now ,I can't go outside with my hat , couse I look so funny, and I'm ashamed ..but I need to put some extreme Sunblock (60) ,because my sensitive skin.. I also work too hard..without free days.. Is the war over ?.. nobody can't stop reading newspapers or watch TV,and when you do it or speek with everyone here, you get that bad mode again. So it's better to be optimistic , and talk about Food.. I have a big problem now.. I realy don't know what to bake for this weekend..So lets take a minute about HTML; I wanted to change my header color, to change the orange into white.. so I was looking for help Here and Here and Here and didn't found the right thing, so I was asking for an answer in a Israeli Food Forum... (this time in Ynet-Food) and Gadi , gave me a link to this site ( The RGB Color Calculator - HTML Color HEX Code Generator ) which helped me very much ! (take a look above,my header is white, Isn't it?..

We love Ice cream (I can eat Ice cream in winter too..) and we think Ben & Jerry's Ice creams [made in Isarel..] are the best Ice Cream in town for now , but we can't find these Ice cream always here ..Don't ask me why. so we're without Ice cream for the weekend... so, in the meantime we're drinking cold watermelon Juice(made by Ran). TIME is writting about the ' 50 Coolest Website' , a very nice collection ,for a example, visit this web site I think some are new and helpful links.Let's visit now: Italian Government Tourist Board or for my Hebrew visitors, you can read about Food-Art chef ,ירון קסטנבאום - I love his cooking ! ; New recipes from Germany : "Gutes zum Kaffee" - I realy don't know whice recipe is more tasty , all of them looks SO good- yummy ! ; A nice list of Food and Drink Blogs you can found here- Blogher List are you in yet?... ; My family loves those Koulouria( sesame rings from Greece), so I bake them time after time, and my sister wants to bake them too..
Yesterday, while editing one of my posts, I notice that my templet is empty !! I was thinking It's a bad dream, but it wasn't.So , after publishing my Blog, I've gut an white and empty Blog.. ! I use an old backup (7/06) , and after few hours It look like it should be.. I hope. So backup your templet as soon as you can .
"..the aroma of fresh,warm koulouria in the early evening was enough to make people think of better days .."
Baguettes au levain II/Ran כריכונים תוצרת רן


wheresmymind said...

That looks like some great comfort food.

Roberto said...

Hello. What an awesome blog of yours. I will be popping my eyes around here. You are such a great inspiration when cooking and baking takes form.

chanit said...

Thanks jeff ! ;)

roberto, Thank you and welcome ! ;)

chanit said...

Thanks roberto and Welcome ! ;)

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